Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Shizuru!

Happy Birthday Shizuru!! I'm sure Natsuki will make it an extremely special one! ;)

EDIT: Picture added!
Scanner is not working at the moment so i'll edit this post later on with a drawing of the two ;)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Break

Current song:

Winter break is almost here! Prague and Berlin, here I come! My first ever overseas trip! Well, besides Singapore approximately 11 years ago. But that's not counted! Lol..

Got quite a few activities lined up this week before I leave. The *cough* party on Tues, a sports and games afternoon at uni on Wed (free food!), and a Christmas dinner with a few friends who won't be joining us for the trip. Mel reaches on Thurs evening and on Fri, we're off~ Hope all goes well during this trip. Will be in London for both Christmas and New Year so if anyone is about just holler! I'd love to meet up! :)

Till then, Merry Christmas everyone! ^^

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Of badly cut hair and uh.. hair

One word of warning, never, I repeat, never ever attempt to cut your own hair. And especially not using only one mirror, and definitely not while chatting on msn. The effects are sure to be disastrous! Trust me. Lol. And if you still decide to go ahead with it, make sure you have a cap handy! Or lots and lots of gel/wax to improvise on it.

I'm so wearing a cap for the next few weeks!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Winter wonderland

I awoke on Thurs morn to this!

On the way to class

And the serene atmosphere after class.

Before it was disrupted by a huge snowball fight between us biotechs and our biomedic classmates ;)

With over 21 years of experience, we were no match for them! It was extremely good fun tho' :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Brrr...! Watch out!

What a mad bunch we Malaysians are!

It started off when the three of us were startled but a sudden banging on our kitchen window. Looking out, we saw one of our coursemates pointing at the sky excitedly and saw that it was snowing rather heavily. Of course this being our first time, the first instinct was to rush out to jump around in it. But common sense prevailed when the blast of cold air hit us. We all ran to our respective rooms, grabbed our jackets and ran down again into the snow!

Scene from our doorway

Snowball fights and dumping of snow down each others’ backs ensured. It was so crazy! We were all running about, screaming, flinging snow at each other and taking pictures. I saw a few ang moh’s looking out at us from their windows. Probably wondering what crazy people would actually run into the cold. In shorts and slippers too! Omg! My hand and feet were totally numb after that! Hahaha… I’m still on high as I’m typing this so don’t mind my ridiculous excitement. Pictures will be up on Fb soon.

poser XD

Our fun wasn’t without drama lol. In our excitement, none of us had brought our keys and I didn’t jam the paper properly to prevent the door from closing so we got locked out of the house! Thank God one of our housemates whose room faced the outside hadn’t decided to join our madness! Otherwise who knows how long we would have been stuck outside! Lol.

A few minutes after I had gotten into my room, it started snowing again! I was about to knock on WP’s door which was next to mine when it opened and another friend came out. This is the conversation that followed.

Me: It’s snowing again!

CT: I know!

Me: Are you guys going out again?

CT, WP: Of course!

The four of us then ran down only to find the rest already posing for pictures and engaged in more snowball fights. Lol. It was one hell of a night. Wonder if the snow will be deep enough to cancel the project meeting tomorrow ;)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pointless ramblings

Restless. So freaking restless.

Fingers are itching, body tensed from pent-up energy, knots happily bouncing about in the stomach. Unease courses through the veins, confusion through the arteries, both meeting at the heart, causing an unexplainable murmur? I think my facts are all wrong. Where are the doctors when you need one? Pharmacists? Biomeds? And biotechs that actually study? Lol.

There's this urge to blog. About what I don't know.



So many things to be said, so many that can't be said.

It's like treading on thin ice. Gotta becareful of it'll break and you'll fall. Fall into ice cold water. So cold that it first shocks you awake, then as you struggle about, overcomes you, saps your strength away, till relishing the numbness, you slowly surrender.

Confusing? Ought to be. I'm confused after all.

And thus, this absolutely pointless post. Don't mind me. Scoob will be back soon. Hopefully.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Retroviruses acting up

Currently listening to:

It's happening again.

My palms are sweaty, my head gets blurry, and I can't think properly. My senses are on the alert, adrenaline is pumping. I can't stop checking back. Can't stop being so aware of every move made. There's this lump in my throat, tingles down my neck. I can't take it no more. Someone please slap me! Throw cold water on me! Anything to break me out of this ridiculous trance I'm in! Thank God there's no disruption of oxygen or obstruction of blood flow yet. Nor that stupid smile when going in for the kill. Am taking it as a good sign lol. Maybe it hasn't set in yet. I certainly hope so. Life is good the way it is! I don't want any more complications!

And no, it's not denial, WT. At least I hope it's not. Please let it be not. Lol.

Coloured a picture of Shizuru to refocus my thoughts. Not my best efforts as I got a lil' distracted somewhere in between. Drawing is not mine. Dug it out somewhere from my massive collection and coloured with CS2.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Think that life hates you? Read on. And if it's not enough, read Mel's blog

So yeah, disappeared for a bit there. Too much stuff to be dealt with for the past few weeks. Too much of a rollercoaster ride. So many highs and lows, all mercilessly one after another. First came the worrying news from home. Then, pushing it aside, a great Halloween, followed by devastating news from home the very next morning. It left me in shock. I couldn't even call home for fear of breaking down. When I did the next day, they told me she had passed on. Was such a wreck but had to pull myself together as there was an assignment due that week.

RIP, I just want you to know that although I don't show it often nor do I ever say it, I really do love you very much. They told me you left peacefully and for that I'm glad. I know you're in a better place now. No more suffering, only peace and joy. It still pains me that I couldn't be there during your last moments, and that I never really got to say goodbye. Tears still feel inclined to fall whenever I think of you, or even when I see things that remind me of you. In fact, they're falling even as I type this. But I know I have to be strong and move on. That's what you'd want me to do. And I will. I will. It'll take time, but I will.

Things got slightly better form then on. On the eve of my birthday, my friends cooked dinner plus surprised me with a cake. Felt really touched and happy. And so I turned 21.

Then came more wonderful news from home. My sister had been admitted into the hospital for ultraventilation a few days ago, couldn't eat, and was therefore on drip. Mum was exhausted spending every day and night with her, and dad had to play househusband as my bro couldn't help out due to SPM. I was so worried. Bad spell of misfortune? I don't know. Could only pray and surrender everything to Him as all things happen for a reason. I truly believe in that. There has been so many incidences where things have gone horribly wrong for me, and yet, He always showed a way. I've come to realize that in each, there was a lesson learnt, something to make me stronger. To make me a better person. Each time, I'm reminded of His awesome power, mercy and grace. And I know that I'll never be alone as He'll always be there to carry me through hard times...

Anyway, my sister has since been discharged, although still weak and can't eat much. At least she's on her way to recovery and that's all that matters. As for me, passing up the two lab reports that were due that same week was such a relief. Now I finally have some time to breathe and allow myself to focus on the family. And oh, not forgetting little amusements along the way like watching "La Boheme" the musical on Fri, and having a combined birthday dinner with Ranz in Newcastle.

p.s. Winnie! I've received your card! Thank you so much k! :D I opened it in the kitchen, read the first line, and quickly closed back, deciding to read it in the room lol. Me iz loves yous! ;)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Only Crazy People Attempt to Search for the Beach at Night

Why is it that whenever the three of us are together, we end up doing crazy stuff? Lol... Like rowing in the cold for example, or the two of them teman-ing me for the LGBT pub crawl. That really meant a lot guys :) Thank you!

Anyway, this time around, it involved CAMPUS hoodies, a steep, almost pitch black staircase, getting lost, and trying to hold in a full bladder. I'm not gonna get into the details but we somehow ended up at CAMPUS before dinner to get our free (terms and conditions apply) hoodies.

Taking the colder more scenic route along the river, we soon came to the bottom of that bridge you see in the picture and the only way to get back to the main road was this extremely dark and steep stairs where we were only able to see 4 steps ahead and looked as if it just came out of a horror movie! Y'know, the kind that you'd think "Why is the hero/heroine so stupid as to walk there as something is so obviously going to happen". But it was either that or walk all the way back to where we originally were. I kept praying and praying that all would be fine lol. "...Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me..." Psalm 23:4. Thank you Lord!

The view

The next plan was to explore the beach in Seaburn as we still had our Metro tickets from rowing in the afternoon. First thing we saw worth photographing was Fulwell Mill. After walking some distance and not seeing any beaches, we stopped to ask some people who happened to be leaving a nearby restaurant. Turned out that we were walking in the opposite direction! :( The lady pointed a road further up from where we had came from and told us that the beach was about a mile's walk from there. A whole mile? In the dark? On a full bladder and an empty stomach? Make that an extremely empty stomach as we had used up lots of energy for rowing. That's when we decided we'd come back another day. Probably when we have to take the Metro for rowing again.

Fulwell Mill

After a satisfying dinner, the three of us huddled into Wk's room to camwhore with our newly acquired hoodies! ^____^

Faces censored as usual

Till then, ja~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whutta Spendrift!

I ought to change my Facebook status to g**** is a compulsive spender!

First came the wine

Then the shoes, which I totally *heart*

And just last week, a whole box of Fosters!

What next??

If I hadn't bought all these, I can makan for a month d!


Sejak bila aku jadi begitu shopaholic? :S

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Kissed a Girl Parody by VenetianPrincess

Wk found this parody of Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl while searching for the remix and omg it's just too hilarious I had to share! Enjoy~

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Row, row, row your boat~

What do crazy M'sians do in extremely cold weather at about 5-6 degrees? Where the skies are dark and gloomy and not a ray of sunshine is able to pass through. Where the winds are so strong and cold every exposed part of your body feels like it's in the freezer. And to top it off, rain begins to fall...

View of the sky from my room

Why, they go rowing in the nearby river of course! An extremely fast flowing river that unlike our stagnant and polluted Sg. Pinang, will wash you away in seconds. What an experience!

The morning itself was indication enough about the bad weather we were about to face. Dark clouds, strong winds... Can't believe we were still excited enough to follow through lol. Anyway, we learnt how to row both on the boat and in the mini training centre on their rowing machines. It was fun! And cold! More layers for me next round! Being the sun-loving person I am, I almost decided to switch clubs. But after stepping into the boat, there's no looking back. I can't wait till we get to go out to the middle of Tyne(?) river :)

On another note, I tripped on the stairs today... Caused this huge red patch on my knees and light scrapes on my elbows. Here's a pic of my left knee... Traces of 2 bruises gained during the rollerskate night are still visible :S


From Sunderland with love

Hi all! Been a long time since my last update.. Partly 'cause I've been settling into this new environment and partly 'cause the internet connection here sucks. But lets not go into that.

Life has been great so far. I love the friendly smiles on the road, the level of civic consciousness, the building architectures, the amazing variety of colourful flowers and oh, the random conversations the locals strike up every now and then. We attended two Fresher parties last week! :) An 80's Rollerskate themed party and a UV White party. Both totally rocked! I prefered the UV party tho'.. T'was more fun and had more drama lol. This girl came up to my housemate and started dancing with him. The next thing we knew, she was kissing him full on the lips! Then, after she was done, she moved on to my other friend and started kissing him too! His very first kiss lol! We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Newcastle. And it was beautiful. So fucking beautiful. I can't wait to see how the rest of UK looks like!

And to think that the UK was a place I never wanted to visit....

What an idiot I was lol.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Guess what I got as an early 21 gift :)

21 already, must carry handbag?
(My mum used this phrase last year in her efforts to get me to carry a bag :S)

Close enough lol

But that just came with the package.
And I definitely don't use handbags so it'll prob go to my mum or my sis.

My real gift is the watch

My first piece of err... jewelery.

Gorgeous don't you think? ;)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Belum berlepas pun dah emo

Countdown timer: 10 days


Time passes so damn fast :(
Can hardly believe there only about a week left
There's so many things I still wanna do
So many people I still wanna meet
So many I wish I never have to leave



I don't wanna go anymore can?

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Pre-departure jitters? I guess...

17 days left.... Time flies when you're having fun. Even more so when you know that you're not gonna be able to see everyone for a long long while. Maybe even never.

What's there to say about the future? Perhaps some of those in Aussie might decide to get a job, settle down and never come back. Or those in the UK. Or the US, or even those in Sg. The KL-Pg distance already seems hard enough to breach, what more the M'sia-[insert country here] distance. I for one, chose not to get a return ticket. Cause' if I did, I'd be tempted to come home, and once home, I'd find it hard to leave again, just the way I feel right now. I guess it'd be better to brave the homesickness till it fades away on its own than to cure it but get hit by a higher dose later on.

These past four months have been nothing short of fun. From road trips to outdoor activities, pigging out to clubbing, shopping to just plain hang out sessions, I'm just glad I managed to spend time with most of you before leaving. Just so you know, you guys mean a lot to me.

I'ma miss everyone...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Trip to KL with the girls

First on the itinerary for the day was Sunway Lagoon. The initial plan was to rent a car but due to some ridiculous excuse on the car rental agency's part, we ended up taking public transport. Which took forever! And got us all tired, sweaty, and craving for a nice soft bed in an air-conditioned room to just flop on. Lol. Check out fb for pics, won't post them here.

Anyway, we reached Sunway at about 3 and being so hot, jumped into the wave pool! Ahh bliss... Lol. We were like kids once again, jumping along with each wave, racing each other in the shallow area by
'walking' on the floor with our hands "swimming" and attempting to teach Tracy how to swim. Next came the extremely fascinating drive-thru shower which we ran across repeatedly, the water-dumping bucket, and the water slides. After that, we proceeded to the dry park where Tracy insisted on riding The Lost City of Gold three times! Wahh..! Sungguh menakutkan!

Dinner was at this korean restaurant in Pyramid where all of a sudden, the animals went crazy with hunger!

Later on that night, we went clubbing at Maison! Cow lost her
clubbing virginity to us! And she absolutely loved it! LOL! Think we were all a bit tipsy that night, dancing away without a care in the world. In fact, we were crazy enough to receive invites to the next day's party and it came with free flow of drinks. What a surprise lol. As if our day wasn't crazy enough, and probably because we were still high, we decided to try a watermelon flavoured shisha during supper! It tasted real nice :D Finally, at about 4 something, we staggered back to Tracy's place and without even bothering to bathe, went to bed. The end of a really memorable day....

Nudge me for the uncensored version babes! Y'know me loves. Much.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A short update from KL

Wk called today and said that his visa application status stated that it's ready for collection and asked me to check mine. So I did. And it was. We had just handed in our documents on Tues and voila, two days later, it's ready for collection. Is there such a thing as it being processed too quickly? Am a bit worried now lol... Well, I guess the only thing to do now is just pray and hope for the best. 

ps. Will blog the entire trip once I get home. Didn't bring my lappie down.
pps. Tracy has started a blog! Another addition to our Trampil blogger family :) 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hiatus and some...

No updates for a while as I'll be heading down to KL today to make my visa and have fun with the girls ^_____^ It's weird tho'... I haven't even left home but I'm feeling a lil' homesick already. Wth is wrong with me la.. Lol. Maybe it's 'cause I just realized that I only have approx. 1 and a half months left. And part of me wants to cling tightly to home and not let go. Someone please shake me out of this ridiculous feeling!! ^^""

On another note... I sure hope all goes well with the visa. And oh, Winnie, smell your donuts yet? ;D

Friday, July 25, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Not exactly the latest news but I'm gonna blog it anyway ^^

Sam blowing Lindsay a kiss

So, are Lindsay and Sam more than friends? While both have not officially confirmed their relationship, Sam's brother, Mark Ronson has been reported saying "My sister and Lindsay make a cute couple, don’t they?"

During Lindsay's birthday bash

Neck kissage in NYC

Notice the linked hands

They're holding hands again! :)

Lindsay hugs Sam after being away from her for a few days

Don't forget to wind up your mirror~

The kiss Sam posted on her Myspace

When asked about her wishes for the new year, Lindsay told Ryan Seacreast on his KIIS-FM show "I just want to live a happy, healthy year and continue on the path I've been on and be with the person I care about and my family,” Which would be Sam of course ^_~ And oh, did I mention the $20,000 Cartier (engagement?) ring Sam gave Lindsay?

Is this all merely a publicity stunt? Or are they truly in love? I for one chose to think the latter.
What do you guys think?

An interesting article on Lindsay paying tribute to Sam on her T-shirt
Link to Lindsay and Sam’s kissing picture on Sam’s myspace
(You’re required to sign in before viewing the pic)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of gaol, flat tires, nice people and orgasms

Breaking rules and getting reprimanded in jail, a flat tire after our escape, and an orgasm peak in bed with Shaggy. That night was sure an eventful one lol.

The moment we walked into the dark and morbid looking jail, we were greeted by the sight of a freshly electrocuted prisoner. All sorts of terrifying images flashed through our minds as we wondered if our misbehaviour would cause us to suffer the same fate. A plastic cup containing essentials was handed to us and we were led to a tiny cell with 3 bunks, a small table and no walking space. Whatever had we done to deserve this?!

Welcome to Obake-ya, a jail-themed japanese restaurant located on Leith Street, Penang. Interesting as it seems, we don’t recommend anyone to go there. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, the bad service. Hardly a few minutes after the waiter handed us the menus, he told us that we had to hurry our orders. Wth! It was still damn early and only a couple of tables were filled! What’s the hurry dude? Then as we were about to eat, a waitress stopped Mel to remove the menu from underneath her plate. Sounds fine? Well, except for the fact that she pulled a long face, tugged at the menu without even lifting the plate, and stared pointedly at Mel till she had to lift the plate for the waitress. Just as we were about finished, the waitress started clearing away our plates, including the ones we were still using! At first we were too shocked to actually stop her, but when we did, instead of apologizing, she merely shot us a sour look and walked off. And to think that we had to pay 10% service tax -_- Jeez! They really ought to train their staff better.

Our food- the kimchi fried rice (isn’t kimchi Korean?) was pretty good, the sukiyaki overly sweet and not fragrant enough, and the featured sushi so-so. Rather disappointing overall.

Now, with the many Japanese restaurants around which have better tasting food, cheaper prices as well as better service, a place like this would only stand out because of its unique decor. Most adults wouldn’t find this kind of decor fascinating enough to bear the lousy service and food. Camwhoring students on the other hand, definitely would. What wouldn’t we do for a good background where we can pose to our heart’s content? Lol. And complete with props too! XD Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to do that either and kena scolding for trying! Whatawasteofgooddecor! And whatawasteof$$$ just to put up with bad service and so-so food! T_T

Anyway after we left, malapetaka melanda!! Lol. Cow’s car had a flat tire! At 10+ at night. Where all the shops were closed. On an almost deserted street. What were we to do?? A really nice Indian man stopped an even nicer Chinese uncle and told him about our predicament. Without hesitating even a second, he offered to change it for us and of course we accepted. Well, cow’s car hadn’t had a new set of wheels in a while so the nuts were on pretty tight and refused to budge so the uncle had to jump a few times on the ‘nut remover’ (don’t know what it’s called lol). He started walking away the moment he finished. Just like that. Without expecting anything in return- not even a thank you! When we tried to stop him to thank him, he turned around, smiled and acknowledged us, then continued along his way. And the Indian guy made sure we were safely on our way before leaving. Such wonderful kind souls~ Y’know that warm feeling deep down when some stranger does you an unexpected good turn? Well, the three of us felt it that night. After all those news about our streets getting more dangerous, increasing snatch thefts, con-men, rapes and whatnot, meeting these two made us feel that there are still good people out there. Perhaps there’s still hope yet ^^

And so, we happily made our way to our next stop where Shaggy and I had an orgasm peak in bed while Cow settled down with a cuppachino and watched. Whoa, exhibitionism. Kinky~ ;P

[photo credit]

Orgasm Peak

What? You didn’t think we actually did it did you? ;)

Mini feed:

Us: What kind of fish is that? (Referring to the featured sushi)

Waiter: Fresh fish

Us: Err... I mean, what type of fish is used?

Waiter: Very fresh fish. All our fish is very fresh!

Us: ?!?! Wth let’s just try it lol

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Are you hiao?

Some ridiculous incident that happened in high school. Wth were you thinking lol -_-""

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wanna Play?

Inside joke lol. If you don't get it, ask and I might tell ^_~

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Loving Annabelle Soundtrack: All Over Me

Am so hooked on this Loving Annabelle soundtrack by Lindsay Harper called All Over Me which Annabelle sang to Simone during prom.


The space between what’s wrong and right
You will find me waiting for you
All your fortresses go down in the night
To the dawn I’ll see you through

Cause I know, that you know
You’re all over me now
And it’s clear, you will show
And your curtains will go
But if your heart is cold
My sheets are warm
I will shelter you
All through the storm
I will shelter you
All through the storm

If the answers aren’t so easy to find
The questions will have to do
’Cause I’ve lost myself deep in your eyes
My only fix is you

Cause I know, that you know
You’re all over me now
And it’s clear, you will show
And your curtains will go
But if your heart is cold
My sheets are warm
I will shelter you
All through the storm
I will shelter you
All through the storm

The space between what’s wrong and right
You will find me waiting for you...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

My first crush

On Brunch with Bridget this week, Bridget talks to her mum and Lizzie, her first crush (at the age of six!).

This episode got me thinking about my very own first crush. I was nine at the time, and had no idea that it was even a crush. All I knew was that I always looked forward to seeing her each day in school and hanging about with her. It was short lived however as I moved to a different school when I was 11.

And there, I met my second crush. Not that I realized it at first. *rolls eyes* In fact I didn't even realize it till about a year later! And when I did, I found myself facing my first ever rival lol. Ah, all the drama that followed after... I bet none of us would forget them. Especially that one incident involving a book and some site called kaypo corner that got our names called out during assembly, our asses hauled off to the principals' office to be interrogated, and the counseling room after. An incident that we still talk about and laugh off after all this time. Picture on the left is of the three of us back when we were 12. Oii Pz! Suddenly feel jealous again! Hahahahahahaha XD

Come to think of it, perhaps if there had been more exposure, more acceptance, I'd have been less confused and taken more daring steps instead of trying to figure a way to stop those "not-normal-feelings". Perhaps if I'd had a more solid self esteem, none of that would have mattered.

Just felt like ranting a bit lol ^__^""

Thursday, July 03, 2008

The past week

Listening to: Missy Higgins - Where I stood

So stupid and ridiculous you just have to laugh

Plus Sean who's the photographer

Other than the unrealistic fairytale ending that's so typical of films of this genre, rather enjoyable

Omg, stay away! I'm not food... Really!

They look rather like sperm flocking around the ovum don't they? XD

Army camp lol

Happy 21st Winnie @ Chilli's
Stuffed to the brim till we had to ta-pau the quesadillas.
Night ended with bubbles, camwhoring, a bulldog, and some sugarcane ;)