Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Of gaol, flat tires, nice people and orgasms

Breaking rules and getting reprimanded in jail, a flat tire after our escape, and an orgasm peak in bed with Shaggy. That night was sure an eventful one lol.

The moment we walked into the dark and morbid looking jail, we were greeted by the sight of a freshly electrocuted prisoner. All sorts of terrifying images flashed through our minds as we wondered if our misbehaviour would cause us to suffer the same fate. A plastic cup containing essentials was handed to us and we were led to a tiny cell with 3 bunks, a small table and no walking space. Whatever had we done to deserve this?!

Welcome to Obake-ya, a jail-themed japanese restaurant located on Leith Street, Penang. Interesting as it seems, we don’t recommend anyone to go there. Why, you ask? Well, for starters, the bad service. Hardly a few minutes after the waiter handed us the menus, he told us that we had to hurry our orders. Wth! It was still damn early and only a couple of tables were filled! What’s the hurry dude? Then as we were about to eat, a waitress stopped Mel to remove the menu from underneath her plate. Sounds fine? Well, except for the fact that she pulled a long face, tugged at the menu without even lifting the plate, and stared pointedly at Mel till she had to lift the plate for the waitress. Just as we were about finished, the waitress started clearing away our plates, including the ones we were still using! At first we were too shocked to actually stop her, but when we did, instead of apologizing, she merely shot us a sour look and walked off. And to think that we had to pay 10% service tax -_- Jeez! They really ought to train their staff better.

Our food- the kimchi fried rice (isn’t kimchi Korean?) was pretty good, the sukiyaki overly sweet and not fragrant enough, and the featured sushi so-so. Rather disappointing overall.

Now, with the many Japanese restaurants around which have better tasting food, cheaper prices as well as better service, a place like this would only stand out because of its unique decor. Most adults wouldn’t find this kind of decor fascinating enough to bear the lousy service and food. Camwhoring students on the other hand, definitely would. What wouldn’t we do for a good background where we can pose to our heart’s content? Lol. And complete with props too! XD Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to do that either and kena scolding for trying! Whatawasteofgooddecor! And whatawasteof$$$ just to put up with bad service and so-so food! T_T

Anyway after we left, malapetaka melanda!! Lol. Cow’s car had a flat tire! At 10+ at night. Where all the shops were closed. On an almost deserted street. What were we to do?? A really nice Indian man stopped an even nicer Chinese uncle and told him about our predicament. Without hesitating even a second, he offered to change it for us and of course we accepted. Well, cow’s car hadn’t had a new set of wheels in a while so the nuts were on pretty tight and refused to budge so the uncle had to jump a few times on the ‘nut remover’ (don’t know what it’s called lol). He started walking away the moment he finished. Just like that. Without expecting anything in return- not even a thank you! When we tried to stop him to thank him, he turned around, smiled and acknowledged us, then continued along his way. And the Indian guy made sure we were safely on our way before leaving. Such wonderful kind souls~ Y’know that warm feeling deep down when some stranger does you an unexpected good turn? Well, the three of us felt it that night. After all those news about our streets getting more dangerous, increasing snatch thefts, con-men, rapes and whatnot, meeting these two made us feel that there are still good people out there. Perhaps there’s still hope yet ^^

And so, we happily made our way to our next stop where Shaggy and I had an orgasm peak in bed while Cow settled down with a cuppachino and watched. Whoa, exhibitionism. Kinky~ ;P

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Orgasm Peak

What? You didn’t think we actually did it did you? ;)

Mini feed:

Us: What kind of fish is that? (Referring to the featured sushi)

Waiter: Fresh fish

Us: Err... I mean, what type of fish is used?

Waiter: Very fresh fish. All our fish is very fresh!

Us: ?!?! Wth let’s just try it lol

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