Saturday, April 21, 2007

Exams Aftermath

The last few days in kl have been nothin' short of fun :) On wed, we hung out at YW's place n' watched 300, which i think is extremely 'drama' for a war movie, and stole his anime ;) Yay!!~ i finally have My HiME!! can't wait 2 watch it! heheh.. Anyway, we headed over to 1-U for a few rounds of pool which LB n' me somehow won despite our lousy aiming coz YW pitched in d' black ball ;) Dinner was at Bbq Plaza... The 3 of us had 2 bowls of rice each n' it still wasn't enough. What can i say? d' food n' d' sauce was just too good. Anyone who goes to 1-U is strongly recommended to try it! :)
d' guys

The next day's initial plan was to spend d' day at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park but d' Extreme Park was closed so in d' end we decided to go ice-skating instead n' boy was it d' right choice!! *cue for evil laughter* Both LB n' YW have never ice-skated in their entire lives!! hahah.. i just couldn't help laughing n' laughing!! Being d' *ahem* good friend i was, i tried to teach them ;) They clung to d' sides for a few rounds before attempting to skate without it n poor YW kept falling down *stiffles another laugh* One warning: Never, i repeat, never ever go near YW when he's drowning as you'll probably drown as well. Whenever he lost balance he'd grab anythin' and anyone nearby without thinkin' twice. Trust me man... Anyway, when LB got d' hang of it, d' both of us helped YW by dragging him to d' middle n' leaving him there ;) Our logic was, he'd somehow try to make his way back to d' side n' thus learn thru experience. Makes sense right? hahah...

Btw, i'm finally back in penang!!~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My HiME snippet

Omg omg!! take a look at this AMV i found on youTube... it's so cool!!~ i so can't wait to watch My-HiME :)

AMV created by bakablonde.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Mai Otome

Every now and then, i get random obsessions n' right now it's anime-they're so freakin' cool k!! :) heheh... And no, they're not your average cartoons and definately not meant for just kids.

:::::::::::::: best friends turned rivals ::::::::::::::::

Anyway, one of d' anime i juz finished is called Mai Otome n' being totally obsessed, i did a search n' discovered that it's an alternate universe to My-HiMe and uses the same characters tho' it has a different storyline (more info). hmm... gotta getmy hands on my-hime ASAP~ :D

the heroine-Arika ; her roomies-Erstin & 1st coral Nina ; the daddy/love interest-Sergay Wang

the princess-Mashiro ; the seriously cool senior-Chie ; the cool sacarstic senior-Nao

the headmaster-Natsuki ; her implied gf-Shizuru ; the 5 pillars (aint they cool?:D)

the hilariously psychotic senior-Shiho ; her maki-maki voodo doll ; ma-te-ria-lize-d

2nd coral-Tomoe ; her unrecuited crush-shizuru ; Tomoe turned evil

more pics of Chie, Nao n' Shizuru just for kicks ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2007


sorry for d' lack of updates... exams r comin' up n' i desperately need to study :'( been doing really badly so far and i so don't wanna fail!! finals starts tmr so wish me luck everyone! :) only God knows how much i need it....

ps. cant believe i'm blogging on d' eve of finals -.-