Sunday, May 27, 2007

Katakoi Enka by my Shizuru

Shizuru Fujino with her sexy Kyoto-ben voice, dangerous calm, n' teasing countenance is so hot- So freaking hot n' yet so tortured, so angst ridden. All hidden away beneath a cheerful n' polite mask. Always smiling, always adept, the kaichou, the perfect student. Although she looks like she needs protecting, she was the one doing the protecting. Heck, look at the way she finished off her opponents with just one swift, graceful movement. Handling her nagatina with so much skill n' poise. And the haunted smile afterwards, the dark, bitter amusement... ultimate heartbreaking coolness man~ you just cant help feeling the raging emotions hidden behind her calm exterior. Her heart aching for the girl she can never have, breaking over her obvious rejection, and yet, still willing to do anything, everything to protect her, never letting go. Ah... such heart wrenching pain. It's both beautiful n' sad at the same time. So here it is... Shizuru's character song from My HiME- Katakoi Enka sung by her seiyu Naomi Shindou. Man.. her cryptic Kyoto-ben always sends shivers up n' down my spine.

Lyrics (translation taken frm here)

Nureta kami ni sotto
kuchibiru yosete me wo tojite
Namida gundara akan?

I gently lay my lips on
your moist hair and close my eyes
May I not wallow in my sorrow?

Mune wo kogashite oikaketa
Ayakashi mitai ni oikaketa
Itsuka issho ni shinitai wa. Ah,
Yume ni ayatsurare mau koi no hana

I chase you as my heart is set aflame
I chase you as if I were a demon
One day, together we shall go into death. Ah,
The flower of love dances, manipulated by a dream

Kaze ga fuita dake de
Chiriyuku sadame nara
Dakiatta sono hi ni moeteshimaitai
Soshite beni no iro ga asete yuku you ni
Itoshii hito no naka hai ni naritai no

If we were to be set apart
by the mere blowing of the wind
I would set the day that we embraced in flames
And turning into ashes of fading crimson,
I long to disintegrate inside my love

Omoikirenai wabishisa to
Tsutae sobireta wabishisa to
Uchi ga shindara naki haru no? Ah,
Kikeba karesou na katakoi sakura

The wretchedness of persistent thoughts and
The wretchedness of their suppression

Will you weep for me if I die? Ah,
The sakura of unrequited love seemingly withers upon hearing it

Hoshi ga ‘rin’ to nareba
Yomichi wo terasu kara
Omoi ha tomaranai moete moetsukite
Kondo koso nigasanai
Kono mi ga kietemo nigasanai

Once the stars cry out
They will illuminate the night
Irripressible love burns everything into entirety
This time you will not escape
Even if this body were to perish, I will not let you go

Kaze ga fuita dake de

Chiriyuku sadame demo
Omoi ha tomaranai moete moetsukite
Kondo koso nigasanai
Kono mi ga kietemo nigasanai

Even if the mere blowing of the wind
Were to set us apart
Irripressible love burns everything into entirety
This time you will not escape
Even if this body were to perish, I will not let you go

Omokage ni youhodo Koyoi midaremasu...
Intoxicated by your countenance, I descend into chaos tonight...

ps. d' photo on top was somewhat distracting *blushes*


Those who want the Katakoi Enka mp3 can mail me at ^__^


hateKYEfever said...

Hi! I was idly browsing through apollyon_0's journal and I actually read a strip/doujinshi with a pun on Shizuru's katakoi enka, so I ended up searching where I could listen to it.. and BAM! ^_^

Long story , neh? hehe..

This was fantastic.. it has the music, the lyrics, the translation! pretty good..

PLUS the hotness that is Shizuru-sama..


Thanks for posting this! ^^,

Terashi said...

Ahah.. I search for lyrics, and instead i find lyrics, music, and a rant :D Nicely done, and ann hail hot lesbos!! :)

scoobz said...

Thanks!! i'm glad you liked it! ;D

And yes, hail hot lesbos!! *grins*

Anonymous said...

*Flushes deeply* I wouldn't mind getting my hands on her. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

scoobz said...

Mmmmh definitely! But then I'd be afraid of Natsuki planting those ice bullets in to me lol

Anonymous said...

Shizuru's voice is so sexy, -shiver-
Though, I still love Natsuki. This has to be my favorite yuri couple, I sort of gained a crush for both of them xD

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Shizuru said...

This song is so passionate...and so is Shizuru...By tyhe way, Nis, your comment has nothing to do with the topic...

scoobz said...

Hi Shizuru!
Forgive me while I fangirl over your picture ;) Yes, such passion! She is my favourite character and will be for a long time..

Anonymous said...

Sakura translates to cherry blossoms. Sorry, it's just it was the only word that wasn't translated..

Anonymous said...

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