Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! May this be a good year for us all!

So, I'm sure some of you are wondering how I celebrated cny this year. Well, Wk and I went to Manchester with our society members for the weekend. And in case you're wondering, no, we didn't visit the infamous stadium. Nor did we visit any tourist spots. In fact, the sole reason for going down was to check out the nightlife and nightlife we got! Lol. It was way awesome. Till the last part of the night where I got pissed drunk, threw up all over the place and had to be carried home, that is. Don't even wanna think about it lol. All I can say is that scoob is in need of a good antivirus software. System needs a clean-out and brain.needs.reformatting.immediately. Lol. No more alco for me for a bit.

Anyway, because we were already tired out by the time we reached home on cny eve, we opted for Chinese take out. It was pretty good. Nothing close to home of course but acceptably good.

It's times like these that I miss my family and friends even more. Festive seasons just aren't the same without them. Sure, there's skype to webcam on, msn, phone calls back home and so on but it just ain't the same. In fact, sometimes webcam-ing only worsens things. Seeing all those familiar faces, well, I don't quite know how to describe it but yeah, you get the idea.

Oh well, I guess that's part of growing up. Hurrah for life. Lol.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Insane Ramblings


Just felt like being random all of a sudden. Lol. It's 3am in the morn over here so please forgive the insanity.

Have been feeling a bit moody and uneasy these few days. And damn confused. Very, as some of you might know. Ich denke ich mag dich. Warum? Wie? (courtesy of pz lol) Ich bin gestresst. So yeah, another pointless post. Back to my *#!~$/ critical review due later today. Somebody save me! :'(

On another note, CONGRATS BLAMMER! XD

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Miss Procrastinator

Scoob has this friend and my gosh, what a procrastinator she is! 4 freaking assignments and none down. Thus far, she has done everything but. Lazing, partying, chor tai ti-ing, facebooking, fan fictioning, blogging even. Just name it, she's probably done it. Amazing ain't it, how everything poses as such a distraction?

Only a few days ago, she discovered this movie called Drifting Flowers and spent the whole day obsessing after watching it. Googled, Yahooed, Limewired, and torrent searched for it's soundtrack to no avail and so decided to load the music from YouTube. Well, once in youtube, why not spend a bit of time watching other amusingly useless videos? Or maybe gush over some hot new talents? By then she'd have probably stumbled upon another exciting movie or drama series to watch and obsess over and the whole process starts again. A rather relaxing cycle I must say. But only if those assignments of hers were out of the way.

I do believe Mendol is her current obsession at the mo. One of its soundtracks, 3 seconds, has been on repeat for the past hour. But that's only because she couldn't find the other soundtracks. Pathetic ain't it?

And so, after wasting another day, desperate, she appealed for help. And help appeared in the form of this blog post. Warning all others about her folly while helping to ease her troubled mind. How that works I have no idea. It just kinda does. Now then, won't someone please shake and slap some sense into her? The more violent the better.

Muchas Gracias!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter Break: Berlin

After 3 days in Prague, we headed to Berlin on the DB Bahn train. The journey was a scenic and relaxing one. Not as many photos on this trip as we only spent 2 days here. More like 1 and a half in fact.

The Fernsehturm (television tower)

The infamous Berlin Wall

The Reichstag Building aka. The Parliment

Looking down on the parliamentary area from the top of Reichstag Building's dome

Erotic Museum

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Berliner Dom

The Siegessäule (Victory column)

The famous Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market

The concert hall at Gendarmenmarkt

We stayed in the Globetrotter Hostel while in Berlin. When we first saw it from the outside, the first impression was of haunted hostels and horror movies. That impression deepened when we walked into the reception cum bar. Yes, bar. With dark lighting and creepy soldier skeletons as deco. Can you imagine just how freaked out we were? Thank God the room turned out to be reasonable enough as it was clean and spacious.

The dark and creepy hallway

What a change of scenery from Prague eh? One tells of old times. Of fine craftsmanship, unsullied by the technologies of today while the other tells of modern city life while rebuilding and preserving history. Of superior technology. As for myself, well, I personally prefer Berlin. It's a place I will definitely go back to someday.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Winter Break: Prague

Hello all! Firsts firsts, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Just got back a few days ago after a 2 hour drive from Southampton to London and a 5 hour train ride from London's Kings Cross Station. It's been a really fun trip albeit a lil' tiring. Don't think I've ever done so much walking in my life! Lol.
Anyway, check out the sights in Prague, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We took a whooping 700 photos here! Can't possibly post them all so here are just some highlights.

Entrance to Prague Castle
(Notice the brutality of the statues atop the gateway?)

Just like in London, they're not allowed to move

St. Vitus Cathedral, located in the Castle grounds

Inside the cathedral

One of the freakier statues lining Charles Bridge

Czech cuisine for lunch

The Astronomical Clock by day

By night

Interior of a museum. Looks more like a palace doesn't it?

Yummy Greek food!

Reminds me of the Walt Disney Castle

The Dancing House

One of the 5 bridges across the Vltava River

Prague Castle. Taken from the other side of the bridge

Well, being students on a limited budget, we chose to book one of the cheapest hotels available- Residence Casa Italia. And of course cheap hotels also means that it's probably small, cramped, not too clean, and God knows what else. We were however pleasantly surprised. The place was so huge! And the owner extremely friendly. He actually took the time to write down the key places for us to visit and recommended cheap and good places to have our meals. Very good PR, I've gotta say. Plus, the hotel was only a 5 minute walk from the nearest train station. All in all, a really good place to stay. I'd definitely go back there if I ever make another trip to Prague.

The sitting room. You can see the 2 bedrooms straight ahead.

One of the bedrooms

The kitchen and dining area

The bathroom. The shower area is just behind this mirror and sink

Now, like most things, Prague does have its downside. It's people. They were generally rather unfriendly, rude, and all things not nice. The only exceptions were the hotel owner and his family, as well as the owner of a souvenir shop (where we bought most of ours). It really was quite a turn-off. And it is this that would make me think twice about recommending Prague to everyone else. A beautiful city filled with not so internally beautiful people.

Look out for the next post on Berlin, the city of modern technology.