Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Winter Break: Berlin

After 3 days in Prague, we headed to Berlin on the DB Bahn train. The journey was a scenic and relaxing one. Not as many photos on this trip as we only spent 2 days here. More like 1 and a half in fact.

The Fernsehturm (television tower)

The infamous Berlin Wall

The Reichstag Building aka. The Parliment

Looking down on the parliamentary area from the top of Reichstag Building's dome

Erotic Museum

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

The Berliner Dom

The Siegessäule (Victory column)

The famous Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market

The concert hall at Gendarmenmarkt

We stayed in the Globetrotter Hostel while in Berlin. When we first saw it from the outside, the first impression was of haunted hostels and horror movies. That impression deepened when we walked into the reception cum bar. Yes, bar. With dark lighting and creepy soldier skeletons as deco. Can you imagine just how freaked out we were? Thank God the room turned out to be reasonable enough as it was clean and spacious.

The dark and creepy hallway

What a change of scenery from Prague eh? One tells of old times. Of fine craftsmanship, unsullied by the technologies of today while the other tells of modern city life while rebuilding and preserving history. Of superior technology. As for myself, well, I personally prefer Berlin. It's a place I will definitely go back to someday.


-zonked` said...

Kengsington area is really good huh! your berlin and prague trip certainly look fun. planning to go too. maybe will use your itinerary?! :)

scoobz said...

Yeah it was pretty good. Rather posh lol. Well, we didn't exactly have an itinerary. Just got a map that marked key tourist spots from the airport/hotel/train stations and made our way around with that. But I'll be glad to help where I can :)

elainelopez said...

hahahahah hor? hahahah ... germany is nice rite? erotic museum? got masuk or not? hahaha....
u should go during the sex exbition hahahahah ....or saint. christopher day hahahah.....

scoobz said...

Ahah yes it is. You've gotta bring me around when I visit you k! Nope, didn't masuk cause was too exp. Just masuk the shop and explore lol.