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Mai HiME fanfiction - It was distracting: Chap2

It was distracting
-A Mai HiME fanfiction by scoobz-

Chapter 2

Shizuru. My most precious one. Always with that special smile reserved only for me. You were always there.

Even though I kept pushing you away, unwilling to let you pass the walls I built around me.

You persisted.

Slowly, you crept into my life and my walls began to crumble, gradually letting you in. I began to get used to your presence, came to expect it, and at some point, began to look forward to seeing you. And you never disappointed me Shizuru. During the few times that I actually attended class, you never failed to find me and elicit that damned blush from my face, never failed to escape those crazy fangirls of yours, talk me into lunch and somehow produce an extra bento with those heavenly mayo filled fishballs. I now wonder if you had always made an extra, keeping out a watchful eye for me every single day. Secluded in that garden full of flowers, we'd sit, content with each others' company. A place now filled with so many fond memories, the place where I first met you.

That night when Nao was about to dig my eyes out, I was prepared to die. I couldn’t care less. Everything I had been fighting for, everything I had stood against, it was all a lie. I could no longer see any reason to live. But when you suddenly appeared I was terrified. Terrified of what she might do to you. I didn’t know you were a HiME then.

If I had known, I probably would've have worried more about what you would do to Nao.

You stepped in, saved my life. I was grateful to some extend, but a part of me wished I had just died there. I had lost everything. Even Duran, my faithful child wouldn’t come when I called.

And in a way, I had lost you.

The image of the best friend I had known all this while was shattered. I felt utterly lost and betrayed. I wasn't ready to accept your feelings, wasn't ready to love. It was all so foreign to me. I couldn't understand this complicated feeling called love that drove people to do the insane things they normally would not. Shy and timid Yukino, Mikoto, you...

When Nao had said that part about trusting only yourself, something clicked inside me, suddenly realizing that you were the one who helped me see the world again, you who showed me someone cared.

You, who were always there.

It was always you.


That's when I knew, I'd do anything to protect you too. To make sure that you were safe from harm, safe from me, safe from yourself, from what you had become because of me. I didn’t know it then, or maybe I just didn’t want to know, but I was probably falling for you too. All the love, care and concern you showed me subconsciously seeped through my defenses. Duran's size was a strong testament of how strongly I felt for you. And I felt vulnerable. I had never trusted anyone since my mother’s death, never needed anyone. But you Shizuru, you made me smile, made me feel special, feel loved. Yes, loved. I now know the word. And like I told you before we faded into oblivion, I'm glad you loved me.

And I..


I think I might love you too Shizuru…

And if it's for you, I'm willing to try, willing to take a chance.

Life without you is definitely something I can't imagine. The thought of going through each day without your smiles, your teasing, your little touches, and just feeling your presence close-by fills me with a sense of dread and emptiness. I need you in my life, that's for sure.

There was so much passion in that kiss, so much repressed desire.

Even now, the taste of you still lingers.

My skin still tingles...

It was so much more than anything we ever shared- not that we kissed that much. In fact the only one I remember was the one I gave you during the carnival and that had been innocent, clumsy even. Just a simple press of my lips on yours. But it was enough to pull you out of that pit of desolation.

The pit I never want to see you drown in again.


“Shizuru! Chotto matte!” I yelled running after her. “Shizuru!!”

“Damn it!” I cursed as her red sports' car sped by me. Jumping on my Ducati, I revved up the engine and raced off after her, features grim with determination. I will not lose you so easily Shizuru. Not when I’m finally sorting out my feelings for you.

Wait for me, Shizuru...

Won't you please...



Omake 2:

Natsuki: Say, Shizuru. Could I take that baby for a spin? -stares longingly at Shizuru's sports' car-

Shizuru: Ara... I thought you'd never ask. -pounces- You can take me for a spin anytime Na-tsuki.

Natsuki: Wh..what? -blushes- B..baka!! I meant the car!

Shizuru: -whispers seductively while licking Natsuki's ear- Or how about you take me for a ride in that car?

Natsuki: Mhmm... -distractedly rubs Shizuru back- O..okay...


Note: chotto matte - wait

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asonta said...

Hi, *waves*. That was interesting. I liked the way you described Natsuki's feelings/emotions. =D

scoobz said...

Hey~ *waves back* Thanks for taking the time to comment. It's my first fanfic and I'm really glad you liked it! :)

charmine said...

Nooo grassy i noe what's gonna happen next... shizuru's gonna get involved in a car crash right? either her or natsuki.... noooooo

scoobz said...

Well, anything could happen has i haven't gotten round to writing the next chapter yet. haha..

charmine said...

Noo grassy dun be a cruel script writer. I forbid !

Atiqah Reeves said...

how originally grace.good attempt on a homo relationship fan fiction.i was so into the first chapter but later...i got a shock of my life to know that they are both females.what the ****??
anyway,would love to see the continuation of this not-all-public-tolerant relationship.

scoobz said...

Hahaha... Thanks Atiqah~ Third chap will be up soon. :)