Friday, August 15, 2008

Trip to KL with the girls

First on the itinerary for the day was Sunway Lagoon. The initial plan was to rent a car but due to some ridiculous excuse on the car rental agency's part, we ended up taking public transport. Which took forever! And got us all tired, sweaty, and craving for a nice soft bed in an air-conditioned room to just flop on. Lol. Check out fb for pics, won't post them here.

Anyway, we reached Sunway at about 3 and being so hot, jumped into the wave pool! Ahh bliss... Lol. We were like kids once again, jumping along with each wave, racing each other in the shallow area by
'walking' on the floor with our hands "swimming" and attempting to teach Tracy how to swim. Next came the extremely fascinating drive-thru shower which we ran across repeatedly, the water-dumping bucket, and the water slides. After that, we proceeded to the dry park where Tracy insisted on riding The Lost City of Gold three times! Wahh..! Sungguh menakutkan!

Dinner was at this korean restaurant in Pyramid where all of a sudden, the animals went crazy with hunger!

Later on that night, we went clubbing at Maison! Cow lost her
clubbing virginity to us! And she absolutely loved it! LOL! Think we were all a bit tipsy that night, dancing away without a care in the world. In fact, we were crazy enough to receive invites to the next day's party and it came with free flow of drinks. What a surprise lol. As if our day wasn't crazy enough, and probably because we were still high, we decided to try a watermelon flavoured shisha during supper! It tasted real nice :D Finally, at about 4 something, we staggered back to Tracy's place and without even bothering to bathe, went to bed. The end of a really memorable day....

Nudge me for the uncensored version babes! Y'know me loves. Much.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday, August 07, 2008

A short update from KL

Wk called today and said that his visa application status stated that it's ready for collection and asked me to check mine. So I did. And it was. We had just handed in our documents on Tues and voila, two days later, it's ready for collection. Is there such a thing as it being processed too quickly? Am a bit worried now lol... Well, I guess the only thing to do now is just pray and hope for the best. 

ps. Will blog the entire trip once I get home. Didn't bring my lappie down.
pps. Tracy has started a blog! Another addition to our Trampil blogger family :)