Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tagbox imposter

some idiot(s?) has taken it to her head
that postin' messages as me in my tagbox is funny -.-"
im fuckin' annoyed
so whoever it is
ps. im not in a very compromising mood at d' mo...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dedicated to ejian wif love ;)

Last last weekend -i've been procrastinating!!- tracy, mel n' i went shoppin at the Money River (thus named after claiming d' life [note: $$$] of thousands of helpless shoppers.. okok... i know dat was lame -.-") So anyway... at 1st we hung out at tracy's hse, havin' pizza n' watchin' tv... den at bout 4, headed out.. tracy! ur such a shopper la!! :P dinner was bak kut teh.. very unique bak kut teh mind u.. it had chinese wine in d soup! tracy n' i were 'halal' so poor mel had to finish up all d bak.. nvm mel.. next time u'll hav ejian to help u ;)we were all so glued to d comp dat nite ;) O2Jam rocks!!!! heheh.. so damn addictive k :) anyway, we wanted 2 make most of our time so we decided not to sleep too early n' ended up playin chor tai ti (dunno how 2 spell :S) a.k.a. d' big two, havin' supper [maggi mee which tracy cooked 4 us :) ] O2 Jammin', n' watchin' a movie(which we all fell asleep within 15mins.. haha..) next morn -err.. or shud i say afternoon- was a lazy 1.. we juz lazed around, watchin' movies, anime, mtv, basically whatever was on tv... y'know.. d' typical couch potato scene... n' oh yeah, O2 Jammin' :) in fact we were too lazy 2 even get ready 2 go for lunch instead preferring 2 order McDelivery... hahah.. it was such a fun weekend!! i was totally dead by dinner-time.. lack of sleep caught up i think.. eheheh..

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scoobz' bachelor pad ;)

By now most of you would've known that i've shifted from that disgustin' house to a nearby condo.. the place is nice n my room faces d' swimmin' pool [means i've got a wonderful view ;)] heheh... yeah... i know i'm all bout views but hey, it's ok to enjoy d' lil' pleasures of life :) there's no pics of my room as it's a mess at d' mo... wait til' i've cleaned it up a bit yea :)

D' homesickness ain't all dat bad this time round.. n' i made a few new frenz! :) guess im gettin' used to kl life... kinda relish d new-found freedom actually n' plannin' to make full use of it ;) hahah... anyway i know it's a lil' late but....

may this year bring lotsa love, joy, peace and laughter! :)
*hugz n' kisses*

internet pilfer?

me n' my hsemate hav been 'stealing' internet connection for d' past 2 days n it's damn frustrating!!! i keep gettin' connected then disconnected then connected then disconnected again n' again n again!! fuckin' frustrating man... mel's right... crime doesnt pay :'(

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

creative spark during depression

Living life in the closet
It’s all a lie
Everything I do and say
Screening every damn move I make
Why can’t anyone see thru me?

To feel the pain I go thru
Every second of my waking hour
Struggling to come to terms with myself
Trying to love myself for who I am
Only to be laughed at
Right in the face

All my pain and suffering
It’s all taken lightly
They think their words don’t hurt
They think it’s all just for fun
But what they don’t know is
Every insult strikes a chord
Why can’t anyone understand?

Why won’t anyone accept the way I am?
What’s wrong with being different?
I am who I am
Stop trying to change me!
So face the fact or fuck off!

How can I hold my head high
And proclaim that I’m proud of who I am
When inside, all I feel is shame and fear?
Fear of being ridiculed
Of not being accepted

If only they’d understand…

Always loving someone that’s always out of reach
That left-out feeling seeing other lovers in their own world
The loneliness that creeps in during the darkest hours
And the jealousy seeing the one I love
The one I never can have,
In the arms of another
It’s all enough to drive a person insane

It’s always someone out of reach
Will I never find my someone?

Somewhere, deep inside,
My heart is bleeding
I need someone to make it stop
Someone who understands
Won’t someone please understand?

I’m tired of it all
There’s nothing left anymore
The spark to live is gone
All I can do now is to just pretend
Pretend that’s everything’s alright
That it’s just PMS (yeah right)
That everything gonna be okay

Everything’s gonna be okay…