Monday, October 27, 2008

Only Crazy People Attempt to Search for the Beach at Night

Why is it that whenever the three of us are together, we end up doing crazy stuff? Lol... Like rowing in the cold for example, or the two of them teman-ing me for the LGBT pub crawl. That really meant a lot guys :) Thank you!

Anyway, this time around, it involved CAMPUS hoodies, a steep, almost pitch black staircase, getting lost, and trying to hold in a full bladder. I'm not gonna get into the details but we somehow ended up at CAMPUS before dinner to get our free (terms and conditions apply) hoodies.

Taking the colder more scenic route along the river, we soon came to the bottom of that bridge you see in the picture and the only way to get back to the main road was this extremely dark and steep stairs where we were only able to see 4 steps ahead and looked as if it just came out of a horror movie! Y'know, the kind that you'd think "Why is the hero/heroine so stupid as to walk there as something is so obviously going to happen". But it was either that or walk all the way back to where we originally were. I kept praying and praying that all would be fine lol. "...Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me..." Psalm 23:4. Thank you Lord!

The view

The next plan was to explore the beach in Seaburn as we still had our Metro tickets from rowing in the afternoon. First thing we saw worth photographing was Fulwell Mill. After walking some distance and not seeing any beaches, we stopped to ask some people who happened to be leaving a nearby restaurant. Turned out that we were walking in the opposite direction! :( The lady pointed a road further up from where we had came from and told us that the beach was about a mile's walk from there. A whole mile? In the dark? On a full bladder and an empty stomach? Make that an extremely empty stomach as we had used up lots of energy for rowing. That's when we decided we'd come back another day. Probably when we have to take the Metro for rowing again.

Fulwell Mill

After a satisfying dinner, the three of us huddled into Wk's room to camwhore with our newly acquired hoodies! ^____^

Faces censored as usual

Till then, ja~

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whutta Spendrift!

I ought to change my Facebook status to g**** is a compulsive spender!

First came the wine

Then the shoes, which I totally *heart*

And just last week, a whole box of Fosters!

What next??

If I hadn't bought all these, I can makan for a month d!


Sejak bila aku jadi begitu shopaholic? :S

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Kissed a Girl Parody by VenetianPrincess

Wk found this parody of Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl while searching for the remix and omg it's just too hilarious I had to share! Enjoy~

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Row, row, row your boat~

What do crazy M'sians do in extremely cold weather at about 5-6 degrees? Where the skies are dark and gloomy and not a ray of sunshine is able to pass through. Where the winds are so strong and cold every exposed part of your body feels like it's in the freezer. And to top it off, rain begins to fall...

View of the sky from my room

Why, they go rowing in the nearby river of course! An extremely fast flowing river that unlike our stagnant and polluted Sg. Pinang, will wash you away in seconds. What an experience!

The morning itself was indication enough about the bad weather we were about to face. Dark clouds, strong winds... Can't believe we were still excited enough to follow through lol. Anyway, we learnt how to row both on the boat and in the mini training centre on their rowing machines. It was fun! And cold! More layers for me next round! Being the sun-loving person I am, I almost decided to switch clubs. But after stepping into the boat, there's no looking back. I can't wait till we get to go out to the middle of Tyne(?) river :)

On another note, I tripped on the stairs today... Caused this huge red patch on my knees and light scrapes on my elbows. Here's a pic of my left knee... Traces of 2 bruises gained during the rollerskate night are still visible :S


From Sunderland with love

Hi all! Been a long time since my last update.. Partly 'cause I've been settling into this new environment and partly 'cause the internet connection here sucks. But lets not go into that.

Life has been great so far. I love the friendly smiles on the road, the level of civic consciousness, the building architectures, the amazing variety of colourful flowers and oh, the random conversations the locals strike up every now and then. We attended two Fresher parties last week! :) An 80's Rollerskate themed party and a UV White party. Both totally rocked! I prefered the UV party tho'.. T'was more fun and had more drama lol. This girl came up to my housemate and started dancing with him. The next thing we knew, she was kissing him full on the lips! Then, after she was done, she moved on to my other friend and started kissing him too! His very first kiss lol! We also managed to squeeze in a visit to Newcastle. And it was beautiful. So fucking beautiful. I can't wait to see how the rest of UK looks like!

And to think that the UK was a place I never wanted to visit....

What an idiot I was lol.