Friday, June 22, 2007

Omgosh! Romance killed! Lol


“What was that for?”
“For you.”
Sigh. “What did I do now?”

Were you trying to confess?
With that oh-so-sweet poem of yours
Have you fallen once again?
Those memories now seem so far away

Things are gonna be complicated between us now
You know that don’t you?
Then why…
Why do you like me?

Was it me who asked you to dance?
Or maybe you asked me?

I do think my eyes are beautiful
But you already know that
And the way I dance…
I’m so sorry I made you stutter.

Don’t stare too much
For I’m very shy
You can stare when I’m not looking at you
But if I catch you staring

I’ll slap you wan ar…

And DON’T try to kiss me
I will kick you!
You want to dance
Yes, we can dance

But please, don’t step on me
I’m serious
Step on me and I’ll step on you back

I know I’m gorgeous babe
Tell me I’m gorgeous
Don’t just think it to yourself
A girl needs to hear it every once in a while

You’re gorgeous

Ohh! Thank you!
That was so nice

Come, Let me blow into your ear
You like that right?
Warm breath
With saliva

So, you like my fingers too? *giggles*
Lightly poking your skin
You like that huh?
Awhh... I knew it

OHH!! You like my arm to press against you too?
I always knew you liked my nudges
And all these time you were protesting
I will do more next time

Ehh why are your legs weak?
I don’t want ar
When we go on our date then you have to sit in a wheel chair
I won’t push you wan ar!

And when the music starts we must dance
What song do you want?
No ‘fallen leaves’ please
Or I’ll knock your head

I want a slow dance
So I can blow more in your ear
You cannot really dance so I must give you some credit
Three chances before I stomp on your foot

What are you thinking about?
Me right?
I know you are

Yes, I’m thinking of you.
Counting away the seconds till I see you again
And thinking of what I wanna do

You wanna touch my neck?
Yeah, my neck’s quite nice too

That’s right
It’s too nice
I can’t take it anymore
The urge to wring it is too strong!

Woah. Feeling your love
I never thought you'd be so crazy over me

And oh, I’ll definitely stare
A stare so intense you’ll be blown away

Eh, control yourself

Feeling those invisible daggers I shoot your way

And when I stutter
It’d be due to outrage and indignation

*Fighting heard in the background*
"Dedicated to the one I’d never have courage to tell..."
"...TIKUS!!!! "

Ah, the beauty of a romantic love-hate relationship
Forever interesting
Never boring

Dedicated to the irritant who demanded inspired this.
May our friendship persevere forever!

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li lynn said...

* SLAPS * hahaha. dedicated to the person who asked for a comment lolx. kidding la grace. ill comment more often la yea :P