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Mai HiME fanfiction: It was Distracting- Chapter 3

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. My current internship job is taking up most of my waking hours. Imagine spending almost 10 hours at work each day! There's not much free time left for myself. Anyway, a HUGE thank you to Charmine for input-ing some colour and correcting my mistakes.

Onward to the story!

It was Distracting
-a Mai-HiME fanfiction by scoobz-

Chapter 3

Shizuru you idiot! Why?? Why did you have to go and kiss her? Shizuru mentally berated herself, her car swerving slightly as she flinched at the memory.


Yet again, I’ve broken your trust. And there’s no Obsidian lord to blame it on this time.

There’s only me.

Me and my unnatural love for you.

I kept telling myself that I’d content myself with staying best friends. That it was enough. Yet all along, I knew. I already knew it’d never be enough. Every moment spent with you made me want you more and more.

It was all just right. Everything was as it was before the Carnival. Better in fact. We were more open with each other. There were no longer any secrets between us. And knowing my reservations in touching you in case it made you uncomfortable, you even took the liberty of initiating touch with me- taking my hand as we walked, and giving me that strong yet soothing hug that never failed to warm my lonely heart each time we parted. All those caring, thoughtful gestures only served to make me love you more.

It was weeks later when I first noticed you looking at me more than usual- always when you thought I wasn't looking. Those stolen glances gave me hope.


Perhaps the reality of you and I wasn't so impossible after all.

But I guess I was wrong.

And I guess this is goodbye Natsuki.

For good.

The tears she held back for so long started streaming down her face.

I’m so sorry Natsuki. I’m so sorry…

A fist banging frantically on her window startled her out of her thoughts.


Their eyes met.


She blinked disbelievingly

No, it couldn't- But it was...

Her foot left the gas pedal.

It was Natsuki!

All of a sudden, bright headlights and a loud resounding horn. Breaking off their gaze, Shizuru could only stare in horror as a large oncoming truck sped towards Natsuki.

Then a loud thud and a sickening crash.

The sound of screeching tires as feet slammed on the brakes.

Pattering feet as she ran towards Natsuki's wrecked bike, eyes darting wildly about, desperately searching.

Choked sobs.

And finally, an anguished "NATSUKI...!!"

She didn't know how long she knelt there, letting the tears flow. How could she continue living without Natsuki? Continue living with the knowledge that she caused her death? If only she hadn't kissed her, if only she had more self-control. Natsuki would've still been alive.

She took a shaky step towards the cliff.

It's all my fault.


I killed Natsuki.

And another.

I don't deserve to live...

Now at the edge, she closed her eyes.


Those crimson eyes were eerily calm when they re-opened.

She had made her decision.


The end.

I'm serious.

Lol... kidding kidding! There's gonna be another chapter to clear things up. Hang in there.

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