Monday, December 11, 2006

Adventure on a lil’ Caribbean island

1st was lunch at Kapitans followed by supplies shoppin’ at Gurney. We then checked into our hotel, which was Crowned Jewel of d’ sea thanks to its breathtakin’ view ;) Armed with Cut-throat-Automated-Machines (CAM’s), this merciless group of girls went on a shootin’ rampage. From d’ bar top to d’ shop to d’ pool to d’ beach… nowhere was spared! This particular blogger herself was stripped down n’ shot by this bunch of girls in a sudden moment of madness ;)Up next was a reunion dinner organized by PZ at Food Loft. Food was NOT good… But heck...It’s d’ company that counts rite? Mel, Jian, your presence were sorely missed… A certain gorgeous girl kinda put me in d’ dumps but d’ irritants pulled me rite up again :) We hit d’ clubs at midnight :) Glo had sum function n’ it was damn boring so we hopped over to chill out… sum f*ckin’ bastard touched me n’ Winnie… bloody asshole man! PZ joined us later on… Back at d’ hotel we had chips, Schweppes, vodka & chocs whilst reminiscing bout old times. It felt a lil’ weird havin’ everyone from d’ buried past under 1 roof sharin’ thoughts n’ feelings that under no circumstances would’ve even been mentioned back then. Thank God we’re all cool now… anyway, a few (slightly freakish) words to d’ five…

Elaine, u were d’ very 1st person I ever loved. Yen Li, u annoyed me like hell but I still loved u anyway. Winnie, still d’ irritant ;) Grace, got potential eh? ;) Hahah… juz kiddin’! PZ, my so-called rival, memang ‘yeang’.. hahah…

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy b'day!!

Thank you to everyone u who wished me! It really means a lot :) It’s been such an absolutely wonderfully fantastically awesome day! *grins* There’s no exact word to describe how I feel at d’ moment. Happy? You bet!! Loved? Hell yeah... ;) There’s this huge, dopey, grin plastered all over my – Nah.. Not my face, my heart! :)

First off, Grace, Winnie, Mandy, Shea ling, n’ Li Lynn treated me to dinner at Bella Italia (dunno how its spelt :S). Pizza n’ pasta was the order of the day :) mmm… They bought me a cake! Choc mint! Tasted darn good :) thanks guys!!! *grins madly*

Then we headed to BED fo’ sum drinks, talk n’ of course - most importantly in fact - a picture takin’ session - what’s a nite out without any pics huh? :) Heheh… Had my 1st taste of coffee with liquor! Coffee with Baileys! (or was it Barcadi? oh well.. *shruggs*) Was rather bitter tho’… I liked grace’s better - Irish whiskey with coffee! Thanks guys fo’ d’ wonderful nite!! :) U guys sure made my day! *hugs*

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Last friday was d’ best…. Met up wif some of my high school classmates in 1-utama… we had dinner (bbq steamboat wif - omg!! - pork fat!!), gelato ice-cream, then, armed wif our phones, set off to take pictures!! =) but that wasn’t enough n’ we ended up takin’ those cute lil’ sticker pictures thingy =) 1, 2, pose! Turned out pretty good! ; )

Then ‘John Tucker Must Die’…. d’ movie’s really good! Not to mention all d’ gorgeous eye-candy n’ a certain scene where 2 hot girls lock lips… *winks* heheh… Anyway… thanks girls 4 d’ wonderful outing!! Love u babes! Muaxx!!

me n' jian.. love u too =)
my darl shaggy =)

me n' tracy...

believe it or not, chess brought us together...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

My disgustingly filthy landlady did it again. juz when we thought things couldn get any worse…. it did.. 1st there was d’ USED sanitary pad I found in d’ bathroom, rolled up (cant she even at least bother 2 wrap it??) n’ stuck on d’ wall between d’ electrical wire… *gags* Gawd... how it stank k!! took my bath in record time!! And while I was bathin’, i heard her askin’ d’ senior 4 pad in a pretty loud voice.. summore want big 1 wor.. =S hahah… den early 1 morn, my hsemate stepped outta the room only 2 find her hurriedly cleanin sum watery stuff on d’ staircase... wonder wat it was k… we speculated dat she ‘lau sai’ coz d’ air smelt of shit.. den sumtime laz week, she left a male international student waitin 4 her in d’ living room… poor guy k… he waited… n waited, n’ waited, n’ waited…. But still no lilian… so he tried 2 sleep.. den woke up… still no lilian… dat miserable lady ( if u can consider her human) summore left her dirty pot n’ half-eaten apples on d’ table k! anyway.. she came back so freakin late n’ guess wat? She still hadn settled his accommodation n’ asked him 2 stay d’ nite… in d’ living room. Where she alwiz leaves her muck n mess. Where her clothes were juz carelessly flung around. Where she lazes around after work without bathing til late at nite. Luckily he was oblivious to all this k!! imagine how utterly disgusted he would’ve felt… *shudders* anyway… she only settled his accommodation at nite d’ next day y’know!! Terrible la.. oh ya… last thurs morn she left her damp clothes on d’ bathroom floor.. yucks la! It was still there at nite k… stupid lady.. wanna bathe oso cannot so I kicked it 2 1 end!! Rude but heck, she deserves it *shrugs* she’s rude herself anyway... never respect ppl’s property 1.. alwiz use my hsemate’s hanger la, soap la, cup even… n’ even makan ppl’s fruits! gila 1… den last week she actually removed my hsemate’s clothes from dryin’ n’ dumped them on d’ sofa wif hers!!! Imagine dat k!! no respect 4 ppl’s property n’ privacy! Such an ass man!! We really cant stand her d… gonna move out next yr.. i so cant wait!!! =)

oh yea... pics of her clothes in d' bathroom, dissected frog n' rat =)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Arghh!! i wanna go back 2 penang!!! missin' so damn many things this week k!!! :'( 1st off... huiann was back frm singapore for a short while n' so every1 hung out on fri... then on sat, there was sum kinda reunion wif sum of my fellow classmates whom i havent met up wif for a long long time... n' today... all my disted-mates are goin out 2 celebrate Beng's birthday!! n' not to mention... 'the devil wears prada' is already out n' there's definately no way of me watchin' it here =( *sobz* im missin' everythin!! :'( ahh ok ok... quit d' drama... but still.... *sigh* its ok la... at least i've got 2 mths holz at end yr 2 look 4ward to... n' gotta make sure its filled full to d' brim wif lotsa good memories 2 carry me thru d' year =) heheh...
oh wait! news flash... only 3 ppl made it for d' reunion... well... at least i dun feel so bad d ;) heheh... *appologies 2 d' person who organised it yea.. i noe ur a lil' disappointed but i cant help feelin' less left out...*

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Grace came by on thurs!! Was so happy to see her!! =) I so missed her k… went in the morn to teman her b4 her interview started… d’ interview so weird 1... Included a short chem test which was very hard n’ had stuff we never learned about. Well anyway, we had lunch n’ caught up on stuff den when it was time 4 her 2 leave, horrors of horrors!! No taxi was available in this area!! So how was she n’ her mum gonna make it 4 their bus home?? It was so scary k… we went 2 ask if they could take the UCSI shuttle service to Bandar Tasik Selatan n’ happened to meet a lady who was payin’ fees. She’s from kl n’ was very concerned n’ nice. She offered 2 take them 2 Bangsar where they could take an LRT to Pudu raya but guess wat? In the end she took them straight 2 Pudu! Ain’t that juz so nice of her? A Good Samaritan in real life! Heheh… Well, as usual, any contact from frenz always makes me happy n’ this was no diff… she left a smile on my face n’ a warm glow in my heart…. Omg!! I sound so damn sappy! :S hahah..
Anyway... we dissected frog dis week!!! So geli la… can see d’ heart beating n’ sum of d’ groups frog still can struggle n move even while being cut up k!! :S luckily ours wasn’t a fighter but a scrawny lil’ thing… hahah… will upload d' pics next week =)

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yay!!! Suki won!! Heheh... I love her voice man!! N’ she’s so darn cute k =) so so extremely cute!! Hahah… Seeing Suki win was such a wonderful ending to my frustratingly stressful n’ tiring day *grins happily* I so absolutely loved it when she sang ‘Everything’… so damn good k =) Heheh… n’ the collaboration wif Ella was juz awesome!! :D Hahaha… I think I’ll be raging bout this for a long time k… I mean, heck, who can help it? juz look at how adorable she is... awwh… Not every1 looks that cute n’ has such an amazing voice y’know =p I’ll definitely buy her album =) help her turn her million into millions!!! Ahahahah… she's definately my 1 in a million!! =)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's been a pretty busy week... 2 lab reports due (done last minute) n' quiz 2 study for which needless 2 say, i didnt n' am therefore gonna screw it :( old habits die hard man.. esp when it comes 2 d' most dangerous, most infectious, most deadliest of all..... LAZINESS!!! still no known cure.. well except mayb a floggin' or sumthin along that line.. heheh.. btw.. look at wat i did 4 my report.. i actually DREW it using MICROSOFT WORD!!! n boy does it look good!! :) so damn proud of it k... heheh.. Looks like sumthin' out of a book huh? =) im so damn proud of it....
oh yeah.. back to being busy.. it was mostly coz of a certain group member of mine.. we divided our work amongst ourselves n' when she gave us her part(which was only questions n procedures).. gawd!! it was so badly done... all d' answers made no sense n' she didnt even do any of d' procedures! wat d heck?? n' we couldnt ask her 2 do it again coz she went(ran actually, according 2 a fren) home right after passin it 2 us n' it was due in like less den an hour's time! we were all rushin' n panickin' like mad.. worst thing was luck was so against us.. d' comps refused 2 cooperate, internet was slow, d' printer broke down, long queue at d' other printer.... felt like jumpin off d' building k!! Thank God d' lecturer was still around tho we were 20mins late k... *sighs in relief* felt so annoyed wif d girl k! wanna SLAP SLAP SLAP her la!! ish!! too bad in reality cannot =( muz figure out how 2 use soft approach 1st... but i've no idea how d' hell im gonna do dat.. everytime i see her now.... ish!! feel like SLAPING!! no no no... patience scoobz.. patience.. take slow deep breaths... inhale.. exhale... inhale... hmm.. lung volume increases when i inhale.. *exhales* diaphragm contracts... damn la... still haven't started studyin'.... got mid-term next week :-( mayb it's time 2 start.. i dun wanna fail!!! :'(

ps. oh yeah... sum pics of my disgustingly dirty hse... dun look so bad in pics tho'...

her disgustin' fridge...

dishes were left for days!

overflowin' wif rubbish...

Monday, September 11, 2006

My landlady is probably the sloppiest, filthiest, most disgusting person to ever walk this earth.. I really wonder how she can live like that man.. I know I cant... Imagine walkin into d' kitchen only to b greeted by unwashed pots n' pans all dumped in d' sink wif d' water all clogged up plus a pot filled wif really disgusting broth+fungus that's been there for God knows how long... So damn disgusting man!!! YUCK!! Oh yeah... Did I mention that she also left her pear core on d' coffee table?? n' her fridge... gawd!! shud really see it k... moldy cheese, rotten vege, half-eaten apple, half chewed strawberries, bowl of soup ( I think she was too lazy to wash ), mug of half drunk coffee (been there ever since I came k!!)..... d' damn fridge is packed so full but 98% of it is rotten.... even thinkin of it gives me d' creeps! *shudders* i've actually seen a cat in d house late 1 nite k... n' roaches.. lots of em'!! one of d' ex-tennants said she even saw RATS before k!!! OMG!!! *looks disgusted* Yun jokingly said she felt like callin' up Jabatan Kesihatan over.. or takin' pics n' sendin' it to The Star... hahah... that would b funny...Imagine headlines: "STUDENTS EVACUATED FROM FILTHY HOUSE" or "STUDENT'S LIVING CONDITIONS NOT SAFE" or sum other crap like that.... damn... i'm so gonna move out d' moment my contract's up k... im so gonna move...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boredom… that’s all life here is all about. Most of my classes end around lunchtime n once I get back there’s nothin’ 2 do =[ I’m like so bored of sleepin’ non stop 2 cure d boredom… even comp games doesn’t help.. if only d’ house had internet. Man.. I’d a much MUCH happier person!~ well anyway, thanks 2 boredom, 1 of my housemates n i took a walk 2 Giant juz 2 hang out… yeah i know, lame.. but that's not d' end of it.. we combed d whole building n saw lots n lotsa individual shops but no Giant!! we even tried d roof k.. so gila man...
Then yesterday we walked along d 'longest pasar malam' (it's very near my place eelis =] ) supposed 2 b like 1km long i think.. anyway, it really brought out d' pig in me... there was so much food that we ended up buyin' a lot-fried dumplings, taiwan pizza, kuey teow, popiah, nasi lemak, etc etc-too much 2 b exact... it was such a struggle 2 finish everythin' =S
Taegukgi was on dat nite... watchin it reminded me of every1 back in penang.. i remembered almost every1 comin out of d cinema wif tears in their eyes.. how pei said she couldn't cry coz it'd mess her mascara.. i even remember that 'cold n heartless' thing ;) i really miss every1... :'(