Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Last friday was d’ best…. Met up wif some of my high school classmates in 1-utama… we had dinner (bbq steamboat wif - omg!! - pork fat!!), gelato ice-cream, then, armed wif our phones, set off to take pictures!! =) but that wasn’t enough n’ we ended up takin’ those cute lil’ sticker pictures thingy =) 1, 2, pose! Turned out pretty good! ; )

Then ‘John Tucker Must Die’…. d’ movie’s really good! Not to mention all d’ gorgeous eye-candy n’ a certain scene where 2 hot girls lock lips… *winks* heheh… Anyway… thanks girls 4 d’ wonderful outing!! Love u babes! Muaxx!!

me n' jian.. love u too =)
my darl shaggy =)

me n' tracy...

believe it or not, chess brought us together...

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