Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Big Harry Potter Race (Part II)

Now the question was how the hell to get back into the car park since the doors were already locked.... And so, we asked the guards and one of them was nice enough to guide us back to our car thru' the underground tunnels. However, Plan II & III failed as well cause after another round of 'interrogating' a few other guards, we discovered that only the main park doors were gonna be opened. So the rest of the night was spent checking out where every door, every elevator, and every emergency exit led to. There had to be a way in somehow.... right? But everything seemed to lead to either more locked doors or the park. To make matters worse, we had no water, no food and our bladders were full. Finally, as we were close to giving up, we decided to try the last option- the worker's elevator. And it worked! hahaha... we finally got ourselves into the 4th floor of the building! By that time it was about 4.10 am, still a lil' early to be wandering about so we decided to hide out behind the wall at the end of the worker's corridor. Omg! i wonder how much chemicals we breathed in for the whole time we were huddled in that really tight corner. You know the stuff they use to patch walls? well, there was so much flying around that it was hard to breathe. Anyway, the 50 mins there was not without more mishaps- Wk got locked into the emergency escape, Yun n' I got discovered (luckily the worker was willing to help us)

huddled in a corner

At 5, the 3 of us started running to the end point but when we reached, the Kinokuniya people kept telling us to go down. And so we ran to the nearest escalators (which was at the other end of the building by the way), rushed down and ran to the center court but it was still blocked! so the whole running process was repeated til we reached the 1st floor where, panting for breath, proceded to climb up to the end point again. Suddenly, shouts of "catch them" were heard and we saw a guard yelling n' coming towards us. Seemed like this was supposed to be a race from the bottom so everyone who had gotten in got thrown out again :'( So much for our efforts......

Then the stampede race began! And so we ran, n' ran, n' ran for dear life.... "must *pant pant* get book!" And finally we made it.... a lil' too late. Just imagine the disappointment we felt. Everything we did was in vain... It was all for naught :( Then, a glimmer of hope- The people in front were complaining that at least 7 of the top 13 had cheated. So, as part of the next 13, we complained too. And talked to the press, and boo-ed those people when they received their books. In the end, Kinokunia decided to give us, the next 13 free books as well! So it was all worth it in the end! *cheers* Plus we had a taste of how movie stars feel as there were camera's clicking everywhere! Dunno which one to look at k! hahah....
______ approx. 400 people raced! __ _________ Shoes of one of the ladies who cheated.
____ ______________________________how she 'ran' from the G.floor to 4th i have no idea -.-


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Big Harry Potter Race (Part I)

The start of it all: I saw the article about the race in The Star newspaper and told Yun bout it. Being such huge HP fans, the whole idea seemed terribly exciting and nothing anyone said would make us change our minds. At least one of the free books had to be ours! Preferably the autographed ones ;)

Preparing for D'day: Having no mode of transportation to KLCC, we decided that we'd catch the midnight movie then camp out til' the gates open at 5am. Hahaha... Extremely crazy I know. Anyway, with Mission HPDH, Plan I in order, the both of us set out to recruit HP fans/friends for the mission. The firsts being our housemate-SY, Js, Zh and Ranz. Next was the irritant, Wk, Tracy, and Grace. Sad to say, SY laughed at us, the irritant turned down the mission, Tracy (although initially extremely enthusiastic about it) backed off cause' she was worried about safety and Grace had class. Js, Zh and Ranz agreed to join us for the movie and hang around for a bit while Wk got just as excited and determined as us :)

D'day: *Jumps around in excitement* Throughout all our classes, the 6 of us couldn't stop discussing our crazy plans for the night. Then we realized, #1-tickets for Fri night are usually fully booked, #2-we hadn't booked, #3-online ticketing server was down, #4-transformers was full, and #5-all the late night movies were full. Gawd.... we got a lil scared for a moment but Wk wasn't giving up. He kept on trying and trying and finally managed to book Vacancy. *insert look of horror* Horror movies scare d' hell outta me... But it's for harry potter *mutters over and over* Must tahan!

That night, Yun and I took a cab down to KLCC, had dinner then started exploring the place throughly. All the important landmarks mentioned in the paper had to be checked out. We spotted Js, Zh, and Ranz just as we finished and the 5 of us went to have a drink in Chilli's while waiting for Wk. Zh wanted to try all the juices so each time he refilled with a different thing. He even tried tomato and pineapple k! hahah... Anyway movie time was a torture. I think i actually squeaked! :S Thank God for the stupid ending k.. totally erased whatever fear i felt. Anyway, the actual adventure began after the movie... We talked to security guards, asked about every entrance, every carpark, the time each door was going to be opened, etc until they made us leave. There were already quite a number of people in the park. Approx 15 i think. Shit man! There was no way we'd be able to beat everyone if we stayed there.... And so, it was time to put Plan II into action.

To be continued....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter madness

OMG what an adventure!!!! Last night my friends and I camped out for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release and boy, was it exciting! You see, Kinokuniya KLCC organized a 'race' where the 1st 3 who made it to the top and gave the correct password would get an autographed version for free and the next 10, the book. Being the crazy uni students we were, Yun, Wk and I decided to try our luck. Details of the whole experience will be posted soon. I'm too exhausted right now.... And too absorbed in my new free book ;p

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter Chibi's

Since it's the Harry Potter season, with the movie released last week and Death Hallows due this Saturday, here's a really cute deviation i found by Snapesnogger.

They're just so adorable aren't they? :D

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fast food served on the go

I've been too lazy to blog recently so to all the hungry wolves readers out there, here's a quick update...
Two weeks ago, Shea Ling was in kl so we went shopping at 1-U.

Pei, Yen Li and I headed over to Bangsar last tuesday. We had Mama's Beef Spaghetti, Salmon Quiche and a Chocolate brownie with ice cream for lunch, and after walking around for a bit, Pei rewarded the kid tagging along with tiramisu! Lol...

Then on Thurs evening, after dealing with E.Coli, Stephylococcus Aureus, and other types of mold and bacteria, my friends and I decided to have a drink at this new place nearby our uni that opened a few weeks ago (i actually can't remember the name... New Haven or something. haha..). The cafe's really cool. They have this concept of allowing customers to scribble all over their tables, walls, windows, bamboo decorations, etc etc.... everything is scribble-able! Lol... I even took home some of the pebbles i scribbled on ;) Plus, there's all sorts of magazines, manga and games available. We hung out til' almost 7, playing Uno-Stacko and scribbling everywhere. I was feeling naughty that day so this warlord planned and schemed for the downfall of Azuin-who wanted to kena-kan everyone at first. And it worked too! Twice! *grins* hahah... YW kept complaining that he too was being a victim caught in the middle of our plans. Ahahaha... he should be grateful enough that we didn't turn our plans on him... ;)

And finally, on friday, LB, YW, BP and I went bowling in Times Square. Anddd i managed to strike quite a few times! haha... Ego is a lil' inflated now thanks to the guys ;)

ps. And oh, did i mention that grace is already down in KL? :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Natsuki from Mai Hime

I finally churned out a fanart!! Doesn't look too bad I guess... Lol..
I don't own a scanner so this is a picture of the drawing, edited to make the lines clearer. Let me know what you guys think ;)

Oh-so-cool biker chick, Kuga Natsuki

ps. I now officially have a Deviant Art account :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Deviant Arts

I happened to chance upon these deviant arts while searching for shiznat stuff and thought i'd share. To the uninitiated, deviant art is a place where people can submit their artwork. Gawd, i wish i was that talented!

Clark Kent from Smallville

Sirius Black from Harry Potter

Umbreon and Espeon from Pokemon

Lana Lang from Smallville
(is it just me or is it getting hot in here? *grins*)

Peyton from One Tree Hill

ps. I can't remember the links as all these were saved quite some time ago so if you're the artist, please let me know and i'll put up the proper acknowledgments :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Random musings

I have no idea how it's possible to get your heart completely broken one moment and yet feel so utterly happy the next. And all with just a few words. One moment, so extremely miserable that you swear you have to extricate yourself from her so that maybe, just maybe your heart will heal, and yet you can't stay away. No matter how you try, no matter how desperately you want the freakin' roller coaster emotions to stop, there's still something in you that pulls you back. Then just as you harden your resolve, just as you finally manage to take a step away, she says a few words and you feel that something tug at your heart. Or sometimes, an unconscious caring gesture that floods you with such warmth and love, and you fall even deeper, willingly subjecting yourself to more hurt that you know is to come, contenting yourself with staying in the background, only surfacing when you're needed.

Ah well, i guess that's the perils of being so smitten. So fucking smitten...

And i can't decide if that's a good thing or not.