Sunday, May 27, 2007

Katakoi Enka by my Shizuru

Shizuru Fujino with her sexy Kyoto-ben voice, dangerous calm, n' teasing countenance is so hot- So freaking hot n' yet so tortured, so angst ridden. All hidden away beneath a cheerful n' polite mask. Always smiling, always adept, the kaichou, the perfect student. Although she looks like she needs protecting, she was the one doing the protecting. Heck, look at the way she finished off her opponents with just one swift, graceful movement. Handling her nagatina with so much skill n' poise. And the haunted smile afterwards, the dark, bitter amusement... ultimate heartbreaking coolness man~ you just cant help feeling the raging emotions hidden behind her calm exterior. Her heart aching for the girl she can never have, breaking over her obvious rejection, and yet, still willing to do anything, everything to protect her, never letting go. Ah... such heart wrenching pain. It's both beautiful n' sad at the same time. So here it is... Shizuru's character song from My HiME- Katakoi Enka sung by her seiyu Naomi Shindou. Man.. her cryptic Kyoto-ben always sends shivers up n' down my spine.

Lyrics (translation taken frm here)

Nureta kami ni sotto
kuchibiru yosete me wo tojite
Namida gundara akan?

I gently lay my lips on
your moist hair and close my eyes
May I not wallow in my sorrow?

Mune wo kogashite oikaketa
Ayakashi mitai ni oikaketa
Itsuka issho ni shinitai wa. Ah,
Yume ni ayatsurare mau koi no hana

I chase you as my heart is set aflame
I chase you as if I were a demon
One day, together we shall go into death. Ah,
The flower of love dances, manipulated by a dream

Kaze ga fuita dake de
Chiriyuku sadame nara
Dakiatta sono hi ni moeteshimaitai
Soshite beni no iro ga asete yuku you ni
Itoshii hito no naka hai ni naritai no

If we were to be set apart
by the mere blowing of the wind
I would set the day that we embraced in flames
And turning into ashes of fading crimson,
I long to disintegrate inside my love

Omoikirenai wabishisa to
Tsutae sobireta wabishisa to
Uchi ga shindara naki haru no? Ah,
Kikeba karesou na katakoi sakura

The wretchedness of persistent thoughts and
The wretchedness of their suppression

Will you weep for me if I die? Ah,
The sakura of unrequited love seemingly withers upon hearing it

Hoshi ga ‘rin’ to nareba
Yomichi wo terasu kara
Omoi ha tomaranai moete moetsukite
Kondo koso nigasanai
Kono mi ga kietemo nigasanai

Once the stars cry out
They will illuminate the night
Irripressible love burns everything into entirety
This time you will not escape
Even if this body were to perish, I will not let you go

Kaze ga fuita dake de

Chiriyuku sadame demo
Omoi ha tomaranai moete moetsukite
Kondo koso nigasanai
Kono mi ga kietemo nigasanai

Even if the mere blowing of the wind
Were to set us apart
Irripressible love burns everything into entirety
This time you will not escape
Even if this body were to perish, I will not let you go

Omokage ni youhodo Koyoi midaremasu...
Intoxicated by your countenance, I descend into chaos tonight...

ps. d' photo on top was somewhat distracting *blushes*


Those who want the Katakoi Enka mp3 can mail me at ^__^

Thursday, May 24, 2007

American Idol Finale Winner-Jordin Sparks!

Whoa, what an amazing finale! First off was a performance by Blake n' Jordin then Gwen Stefani sang ‘4 in the morning’ followed by Kelly Clarkson with ‘Never Again’ and that got me glued. Yeah, that’s right. I’m a Kelly Clarkson fan. And a Carrie Underwood one too! :) Up next was The Golden Idol Awards which were freaking hilarious!! Best Performance went to Margarete Fowler and omgosh you should’ve seen the way she kissed Ryan Seacreast!! She attacked his lips with so much err, vigor n’ enthusiasm that he ended on the ground after the kiss! Hahaha.. She’s so damn funny. And she had a poem ready- to quote her *in a highly amusing flirty tone* “…Cause’ you know I’m a poem writer don’t you Simon?” Ahahaha… Just as she left d’ stage, Ryan dropped the bomb, “Simon, we gave her your number”. Now i wonder what would happen if she takes it to her mind to seduce him ;) Heh... Anyway, Best Original Vocal went to Sholandrie Stallworth while Best Buddies went to Kenneth Bricks & Jonathan. Personally I think that Simon was right. Kenneth does look like bush baby. Then there were more performances by 'beatbox' Blake, Melinda Doolittle, top 6 male & female, Tony Bennet, Daughtry, Smokey, past AI winners Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Reuben, and many more. And finally ladies n’ gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for *drumrolls* The winner of American Idol is….. JORDIN SPARKS!!! :D I’m so happy she won! Hahah.. Congrats Jordin!!~

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Such injustice!!

Ok.. i've realized that my last few posts centered mostly round anime and i haven't been updating on life so here it is- Life back in 'Hitam-punya-tempat'.
First week was not too bad, a few pleasant n' not-so-pleasant surprises. First off, i failed freaking Java Programming and have to now sit for the supplementary exam which, for the uninitiated, is our last chance before they make us repeat d' whole subject. And to make things worse, that opportunistic lecturer of ours refused to give us some extra coaching but slyly mentioned that UCSI was paying her RM80 an hour so if we wanted lessons we'd have to pay as well. Ok, fair enough tho' she made us fail in d' 1st place but guess how much she asked for? RM120 per person for a total of 6 hours ! Still not bad enough? She then said that those who attended her tuition would know what she wanted for the exam while those who didnt, well, they would fail. Plus, she had a paper filled with set answers which she would use to mark d' paper with! Damnit man!! all those not-so-subtle threats! and oh yeah, we had to keep it quiet! i was so damn angry! A lot of us were. Really really wanted to report her! but heck, this is where all ur sense of juctice starts fighting with selfishness... u see, if we report, we'd all most likely fail (revenge on her part) and the most UCSI would do would be to take disiplinary action or mayb fire her but then again, how r they gonna find a replacement in such short notice? now, if we didnt report, it wouldnt be fair to d' students who didnt attend her tuition and we'd b indirectly encouraging her to fail d' next batch juz to earn some side income. And not juz some meager sum k!! about 80 of us are taking d' supplementary so lets see... assuming every1 takes her tuition, she's gonna earn like, RM9600 in juz 2 days!!! heck, d'you think she'd pass a chance of earning that repeatedly for d' next few sems? arghh!! fucking lecturer!!
Anyway, on to the better surprises.... i did pretty well on Uni chem 2 and scraped thru calculus! :) i so thought calculus was doomed k... hahaha... thank God k.... :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My HiME- Shiznat fanart

Thought i'd share some shiznat fanart i found recently :)

- Lang Bak - by ~Jango-Joe on deviantART

Monday, May 07, 2007


Omg!!~ My-HiME so rocks!! The drama, the emotions, it’s all so freakin’ intense! Every episode was like a rollercoaster ride, leaving me feeling totally blown away and adrenaline pumping thru my veins. Ok, I don’t wanna spoil it by revealing too much so here’s a short summary :)

HiME stands for Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment- I have no idea why they use ‘equipment’ instead of ‘people’. After all, all 12 HiME’s are human. (Well, 13 if we count the SEARRS engineered HiME). Anyway, HiMEs have the power to materialize weapons by charging photon particles and call upon their Childs’ to help them in battle. Both the weapon and Child is specific to the HiME (Wonder if the enzymatic reaction inspired this show… *shrugs*)

At first we’re led to believe that the HiMEs’ main duty is to fight off Orphans (horrible monsters with killer intent) but later on we discover that the HiMEs have to fight and defeat each other’s Childs. The last one standing would then marry the Obsidian Lord and gain supreme power over the HiME star. Tricky part is, a HiME has to put her most important person at stake when she calls upon her Child so when the Child is killed, the HiMEs’ most important person disappears in green sparkles as well. Most of the HiME are friends and have no intent on fighting but due to a series of events, the HiMEs are one-by-one led into situations where they have to struggle between love, friendship, jealousy, ambition, and loyalty. Omg, the intensity of all the raging emotions… This is a must-watch!

Btw, HiME actually means princess in Japanese.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Eight lil' piggies~

Once upon a time
Three lil’ piggies went to AIMST

And two lil’ piggies left for KL

While the other 3 lil’ piggies stayed in Penang...

This weekend however
All 8 piggies gathered round
Forming plans to hunt down Mr. Big Bad Wolf
They sat down with delicious ice-blended brews
And tai ti-ed d’ night away

I missed everyone!!~

Btw, ran into two of my primary school (what do we call ourselves? Glugorians?) friends - Ting Sew n’ Kang Rui. It was really nice seeing u guys again! :) It’s been like 10, 11 years since I left BG… sigh… seems like it was just yesterday that we were splashing about in your condo’s pool KR, and someone dropped a chicken in… Damn I hate being all nostalgic but, I miss those times…