Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Eight lil' piggies~

Once upon a time
Three lil’ piggies went to AIMST

And two lil’ piggies left for KL

While the other 3 lil’ piggies stayed in Penang...

This weekend however
All 8 piggies gathered round
Forming plans to hunt down Mr. Big Bad Wolf
They sat down with delicious ice-blended brews
And tai ti-ed d’ night away

I missed everyone!!~

Btw, ran into two of my primary school (what do we call ourselves? Glugorians?) friends - Ting Sew n’ Kang Rui. It was really nice seeing u guys again! :) It’s been like 10, 11 years since I left BG… sigh… seems like it was just yesterday that we were splashing about in your condo’s pool KR, and someone dropped a chicken in… Damn I hate being all nostalgic but, I miss those times…

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