Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summer Adventures: Liverpool

Woo~ Came back from Liverpool a few weeks ago and it sure was awesome! Thanks Mel, for sheltering, feeding and walking this dog! :)

It was about 5pm by the time I reached Liverpool so Mel and I just hung out at the park-like area above the mall, Liverpool One before having dinner in a nice Italian restaurant called Pesto. What we didn't know was that Pesto specializes in tapas (snack portions) resulting in us ordering a dish each. It was only when our orders came that we understood and so opted for another dish plus a dessert. Recommended for its good food, warm ambience, and friendly staff.

Yummy food @ Pesto

Drinks @ Fly in the Loaf

We were blessed with good sunshiney weather on the second day and went about checking out the sights. As usual, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

The Anglican Cathedral

The famed lamb banana (Though why it's a symbol totally eludes me)

Just as we were approaching Albert Dock

The yellow duck - On land

Floating happily without a care in the world

Albert Dock

More of Albert Dock

Echo Arena - Location of the MTV Awards

From one of the bridges overlooking the Echo Arena

Italian food @ Gusto, Albert Dock

The next day was spent shopping and lounging in the sun at Liverpool One. No pictures cause I'm too lazy to mosaic out our faces lol. But it was fun, and I love the sun! :) Anyway, a few more pictures from our late night outing and I'm signing off.

Notice the faint car light effects? Lol.

The really nice stairway leading to L1 park

Atop L1