Sunday, March 25, 2007

Culinary Delights courtesy of A-6-2

Menu of d’ day:

Steak with Oriental barbeque sauce

Ladies finger ala Oyster sauce

Fried potatoes

And to wash it all down, we had yogurt drink/apple ribena and fruits :) Is your mouth watering yet? ;) Coz that’s exactly what my housemate n’ i had for dinner last night. No, it wasn’t at some fancy western food joint. We cooked it all by ourselves… :) Sorry there’s no visual accompaniment yea. By the time we finished cookin’, our rumbling stomachs called for immediate attention. Hahah… The menu the night before was not bad as well- corned beef with potatoes onions, n’ garlic, and dried sotong bak kut teh… Yeah, i know.. it’s quite a weird combination but heck, definitely tastes better than eating out ;) Hehe… budding future chefs.. Hmmm… maybe should consider changing our courses…

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hotlink & Animax anime fest

Last sat, the guys (Lb n’ Yw) n’ I went for the Hotlink anime fest in Sungai Wang n’ boy, what a major disappointment! It was practically a dead event with only a few hotlink promoters as cosplayers and they weren’t even cute! Well, except for one girl :) d’ guys (not knowing my preference) asked me to talk to her n’ get her number then give it to them. I jokingly told them that if she really gave it to me then they could juz forget bout her n’ Lb, being quite perasan bout his looks said he could make her straight… Talk bout being self-assured man! Hahah… Please la wei… if she likes girls, there’s no way any guy could turn her towards the ‘right’ path… unless she’s bi… or confused. Anyway, back to the event... there’s only 2 words to describe it- it sucked. There was hardly anythin’ worth seeing plus the ‘girl from hell’ cosplayer had the thickest make-up I’d ever seen n she was OLD!! Ok… so technically girl from hell’s supposed to be a hundred over since she never dies but she’s still portrayed as a young girl in d’ anime. n’ here was a 40 yr old woman cosplaying as her! Pretty creepy, come to think of it. *shudders*
So anyway, we hopped over to Times Square where Yw suddenly decided 2 return to his 2nd childhood by looking at toys. Expensive high tech toys mind you… remote controlled helicopters, robots that do a variety of functions, robotic dinosaur pet, etc… those two even tried to drag me to d’ theme park which 4 yrs back malfunctioned n’ left a few of my frenz stuck upside down for 5 whole minutes. And I really mean drag. They both hooked an arm thru each of mine n’ started pulling me towards the entrance while I fought for dear life. Giving up after a while, Yw told me I was surprisingly strong as he n’ Lb could hardly move me… Lolz.. what d’you expect? *smirks*