Sunday, March 25, 2007

Culinary Delights courtesy of A-6-2

Menu of d’ day:

Steak with Oriental barbeque sauce

Ladies finger ala Oyster sauce

Fried potatoes

And to wash it all down, we had yogurt drink/apple ribena and fruits :) Is your mouth watering yet? ;) Coz that’s exactly what my housemate n’ i had for dinner last night. No, it wasn’t at some fancy western food joint. We cooked it all by ourselves… :) Sorry there’s no visual accompaniment yea. By the time we finished cookin’, our rumbling stomachs called for immediate attention. Hahah… The menu the night before was not bad as well- corned beef with potatoes onions, n’ garlic, and dried sotong bak kut teh… Yeah, i know.. it’s quite a weird combination but heck, definitely tastes better than eating out ;) Hehe… budding future chefs.. Hmmm… maybe should consider changing our courses…

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