Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas all!!~ ^___^ Hope everyone had a great one!

And to all yuri lovers out there, hope it was as yurilicious as Shizuru and Natsuki's! Mmmh... I want some cake too! ^_-and as sweet as Chikane and Himeko's!

p.s. I know I missed Shizuru's birthday but I promise to make up for it next year!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Scoobz daemon

All fans of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy books, DO NOT watch The Golden Compass. Otherwise, ready yourselves for some disappointment.
Anyway, all those curious to know what their daemon would be, take the test HERE!

Here's mine! His name is Pyrrheus and he's a fox daemon! ^_^ Meaning I'm spontaneous, modest, solitary, shy and proud. Anyone out there who agrees? Or disagrees? I'm all ears. ;)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Dedicated to Mel with love ^_^

This is for my dear Shaggy... You were missed terribly!

I'm sure that every one of us at some point of our lives probably would've snuck some kinda food into the cinema- biscuits, snacks, jelly beans, french fries and maybe even the occasional burger. But tell me, have you ever heard of anyone smuggling in a whole tub of ice-cream? Well, Tracy did! And it wasn't even in a tub but one of those ice-cream cake types where you have to remove the whole wrapper to be able to eat it. LOL... Talk bout' random man!

So anyway, we watched 'Enchanted' and it was pretty good. If you ignored the bollywood elements and irritating sap, that is ;)

Then dinner at Flame. Let the pictures tell the story:
Fried sotong for starters

Still rawww and wriggling

Jian's fantastic photography ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mai HiME fanfiction: It was Distracting- Chapter 3

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. My current internship job is taking up most of my waking hours. Imagine spending almost 10 hours at work each day! There's not much free time left for myself. Anyway, a HUGE thank you to Charmine for input-ing some colour and correcting my mistakes.

Onward to the story!

It was Distracting
-a Mai-HiME fanfiction by scoobz-

Chapter 3

Shizuru you idiot! Why?? Why did you have to go and kiss her? Shizuru mentally berated herself, her car swerving slightly as she flinched at the memory.


Yet again, I’ve broken your trust. And there’s no Obsidian lord to blame it on this time.

There’s only me.

Me and my unnatural love for you.

I kept telling myself that I’d content myself with staying best friends. That it was enough. Yet all along, I knew. I already knew it’d never be enough. Every moment spent with you made me want you more and more.

It was all just right. Everything was as it was before the Carnival. Better in fact. We were more open with each other. There were no longer any secrets between us. And knowing my reservations in touching you in case it made you uncomfortable, you even took the liberty of initiating touch with me- taking my hand as we walked, and giving me that strong yet soothing hug that never failed to warm my lonely heart each time we parted. All those caring, thoughtful gestures only served to make me love you more.

It was weeks later when I first noticed you looking at me more than usual- always when you thought I wasn't looking. Those stolen glances gave me hope.


Perhaps the reality of you and I wasn't so impossible after all.

But I guess I was wrong.

And I guess this is goodbye Natsuki.

For good.

The tears she held back for so long started streaming down her face.

I’m so sorry Natsuki. I’m so sorry…

A fist banging frantically on her window startled her out of her thoughts.


Their eyes met.


She blinked disbelievingly

No, it couldn't- But it was...

Her foot left the gas pedal.

It was Natsuki!

All of a sudden, bright headlights and a loud resounding horn. Breaking off their gaze, Shizuru could only stare in horror as a large oncoming truck sped towards Natsuki.

Then a loud thud and a sickening crash.

The sound of screeching tires as feet slammed on the brakes.

Pattering feet as she ran towards Natsuki's wrecked bike, eyes darting wildly about, desperately searching.

Choked sobs.

And finally, an anguished "NATSUKI...!!"

She didn't know how long she knelt there, letting the tears flow. How could she continue living without Natsuki? Continue living with the knowledge that she caused her death? If only she hadn't kissed her, if only she had more self-control. Natsuki would've still been alive.

She took a shaky step towards the cliff.

It's all my fault.


I killed Natsuki.

And another.

I don't deserve to live...

Now at the edge, she closed her eyes.


Those crimson eyes were eerily calm when they re-opened.

She had made her decision.


The end.

I'm serious.

Lol... kidding kidding! There's gonna be another chapter to clear things up. Hang in there.

Reviews are like food to the author's soul. So please, review.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Mikey Mouse and his lil' dicky XD

Warning: Above 18 only. Images may cause severe trauma to those who love Mickey mouse.

I promised Mel a naked Mickey after reading a post on her blog where she likened Vanessa Ann Hudgens taking naked pictures to naked Mickeys. So, here it is! Mikey mouse, Mickey's more obscene version, strutting his dick:

My drawing, along with the original, Plus a new tagline ^_-

And of course i had to go fiddle around with it resulting in...... OMG MOUSE PORN!! Lol...By the way, I had my blog rated andd.... Even with all the nonsense I write, it's still *gasp* relatively safe! hahahah... Oh, to have so many 'interesting' ideas and yet remain oh-so-innocent....

I'm so insulted touched.


Dumbledore is gay

To all avid Harry Potter fans out there, JK Rowling has stated that Dumbledore is gay in a recent US tour. Excerpt from Reuters:

Rowling said Dumbledore fell in love with the charming wizard Gellert Grindelwald but when Grindelwald turned out to be more interested in the dark arts than good, Dumbledore was "terribly let down" and went on to destroy his rival.

That love, she said, was Dumbledore's "great tragedy".

"Falling in love can blind us to an extent," she said.

The audience reportedly fell silent after the admission -- then erupted into applause.

Now ain't that a shocker? Or had you guessed it all along?

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fate stay/night: Saber figurine

Ok, I know I should be studying as exams just started but look what I found! :D

in armour

striking a heroic pose in maid's uniform

I so want a Saber figurine! So if anyone wants to get it for me themselves, here's the links: armour, maid's uniform.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mai HiME fanfiction - It was distracting: Chap2

It was distracting
-A Mai HiME fanfiction by scoobz-

Chapter 2

Shizuru. My most precious one. Always with that special smile reserved only for me. You were always there.

Even though I kept pushing you away, unwilling to let you pass the walls I built around me.

You persisted.

Slowly, you crept into my life and my walls began to crumble, gradually letting you in. I began to get used to your presence, came to expect it, and at some point, began to look forward to seeing you. And you never disappointed me Shizuru. During the few times that I actually attended class, you never failed to find me and elicit that damned blush from my face, never failed to escape those crazy fangirls of yours, talk me into lunch and somehow produce an extra bento with those heavenly mayo filled fishballs. I now wonder if you had always made an extra, keeping out a watchful eye for me every single day. Secluded in that garden full of flowers, we'd sit, content with each others' company. A place now filled with so many fond memories, the place where I first met you.

That night when Nao was about to dig my eyes out, I was prepared to die. I couldn’t care less. Everything I had been fighting for, everything I had stood against, it was all a lie. I could no longer see any reason to live. But when you suddenly appeared I was terrified. Terrified of what she might do to you. I didn’t know you were a HiME then.

If I had known, I probably would've have worried more about what you would do to Nao.

You stepped in, saved my life. I was grateful to some extend, but a part of me wished I had just died there. I had lost everything. Even Duran, my faithful child wouldn’t come when I called.

And in a way, I had lost you.

The image of the best friend I had known all this while was shattered. I felt utterly lost and betrayed. I wasn't ready to accept your feelings, wasn't ready to love. It was all so foreign to me. I couldn't understand this complicated feeling called love that drove people to do the insane things they normally would not. Shy and timid Yukino, Mikoto, you...

When Nao had said that part about trusting only yourself, something clicked inside me, suddenly realizing that you were the one who helped me see the world again, you who showed me someone cared.

You, who were always there.

It was always you.


That's when I knew, I'd do anything to protect you too. To make sure that you were safe from harm, safe from me, safe from yourself, from what you had become because of me. I didn’t know it then, or maybe I just didn’t want to know, but I was probably falling for you too. All the love, care and concern you showed me subconsciously seeped through my defenses. Duran's size was a strong testament of how strongly I felt for you. And I felt vulnerable. I had never trusted anyone since my mother’s death, never needed anyone. But you Shizuru, you made me smile, made me feel special, feel loved. Yes, loved. I now know the word. And like I told you before we faded into oblivion, I'm glad you loved me.

And I..


I think I might love you too Shizuru…

And if it's for you, I'm willing to try, willing to take a chance.

Life without you is definitely something I can't imagine. The thought of going through each day without your smiles, your teasing, your little touches, and just feeling your presence close-by fills me with a sense of dread and emptiness. I need you in my life, that's for sure.

There was so much passion in that kiss, so much repressed desire.

Even now, the taste of you still lingers.

My skin still tingles...

It was so much more than anything we ever shared- not that we kissed that much. In fact the only one I remember was the one I gave you during the carnival and that had been innocent, clumsy even. Just a simple press of my lips on yours. But it was enough to pull you out of that pit of desolation.

The pit I never want to see you drown in again.


“Shizuru! Chotto matte!” I yelled running after her. “Shizuru!!”

“Damn it!” I cursed as her red sports' car sped by me. Jumping on my Ducati, I revved up the engine and raced off after her, features grim with determination. I will not lose you so easily Shizuru. Not when I’m finally sorting out my feelings for you.

Wait for me, Shizuru...

Won't you please...



Omake 2:

Natsuki: Say, Shizuru. Could I take that baby for a spin? -stares longingly at Shizuru's sports' car-

Shizuru: Ara... I thought you'd never ask. -pounces- You can take me for a spin anytime Na-tsuki.

Natsuki: Wh..what? -blushes- B..baka!! I meant the car!

Shizuru: -whispers seductively while licking Natsuki's ear- Or how about you take me for a ride in that car?

Natsuki: Mhmm... -distractedly rubs Shizuru back- O..okay...


Note: chotto matte - wait

Please do leave a comment! :)

Story can also be found here. Reviews are appreciated!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mai HiME fanfiction - It was distracting

Finally after months of just lurking about and greedily gobbling down every piece of Shiznat fanfiction and artwork, I decided to try contributing back. So came the translation of Katakoi Enka, Shizuru's character song and the drawing of Natsuki- which wasn't very good. Then another drawing of Natsuki- still not very good but better, which was edited into a birthday wish for Natsuki. And now, finally, the unveiling of my very first fanfic.....

It was distracting
-A Mai HiME fanfiction by scoobz-

Chapter 1

It was distracting. Really. We were hanging out as usual at my apartment and she was sitting with her legs curled up on the couch on with only an oversized t-shirt on, leaving little left to the imagination. A thriller with lots of bloody scenes was on, my kind of show, but most times I found my eyes wandering the length of those smooth creamy legs. My fingers itched to touch, to run my fingers lightly up those milk white thighs. I wonder if she’s ticklish… Unbidden thoughts of her squirming beneath my touch suddenly flashed through my mind. No! No! Bad thoughts! Quickly I shook them away, feeling a hot blush creep up my face. Since when did I become such a pervert? I thought, annoyed by my thoughts.

“Ara ara. I wonder what my Natsuki is thinking to bring such a cute blush to her face.”


“Nn..nothing!!” I stammered out.

“Is that so?"

"Or perhaps Natsuki was thinking of trying that with me?” Shizuru asked huskily with a seductive smile, gesturing towards the television.

Try what?

Confused, I glanced at it only to turn away immediately, blushing an even deeper shade of red. A couple was making out onscreen, hands groping each other in, well, places. I blushed even deeper. “Shizuru!!”

“Mou. Does Natsuki find me unattractive then?” A pout.

“No!! I didn’t mean it like that!”

Comparing herself to the heroine in the movie, Shizuru said sadly “Well, I guess mine aren’t that huge.”

My eyes followed as her hands moved to cup her breasts.

“Neither are my lips as luscious as hers.” Fingers lightly brushed against moistened lips.

“And legs not as long and smooth…” Shizuru’s voice trailed off, a hand slowly tracing a path up her legs.


And higher.

“Oh God, if she goes any higher I’d be able to see….” My eyes widened, suddenly realizing what I had been doing. I looked away immediately feeling my whole face on fire.


I braced myself and looked up, expecting more teasing about my behavior. I was however surprised to see Shizuru watching me with a serious expression, her eyes unreadable. The usual smile was gone, replaced by an almost hungry look. But that couldn’t be right.

We just ate didn’t we?


Suddenly there was a warm pressure on my lips. The sensation was... oddly pleasing. I leaned in unconsciously, wanting more. The kiss deepened, a hand found its way to my face, the other lightly caressing the skin under my shirt. My skin was burning, my mind whirling. All I could think of was how good it felt, how right it felt.

Then just as suddenly as it had started, it was gone.

Troubled crimson eyes met my own confused ones. “Kanin na Natsuki! Kanin na! I didn’t mean to do that.”

“I… I’d better go now. I understand if you…” her voice cracking.

Swallowing she continued “If you don’t want to see me again, Natsuki.” she said dejectedly.

I stared at her mutely as she fought to hold in the tears that I knew threatened to fall. I could see how much it broke her to say that. Memories during the carnival came rushing back. Shizuru’s hurt look when I had rejected her, her tears, her empty hollow expression. Even when she rescued me from Nao, it was as if she was on auto pilot, an empty vessel with a missing soul, out to destroy everything that made me unhappy. The pain I saw in her eyes as we fought and the possessive yet tender way she had held me after trapping me in the church all flashed in front of my eyes in slow motion. I wanted desperately to hold her, to tell her that it was alright, that I...

That I lo...cared for her too.

But that would be even more cruel, wouldn't it? Especially when I know it might be more.


Shizuru smiled sadly at me.

To me, it seemed more like a grimace.

Taking my silence to mean the worst, she said quietly with her head bowed “I understand. Goodbye Natsuki."

One final goodbye

With those words, she left. And somewhere deep within me, I knew that if I didn't go after her now, she was never coming back.


Nothing that felt so right could be wrong. Could it?

Then why?

Why couldn't I go after her?


omake 1:

Natsuki: Oi! Shizuru wait! What did you do to my legs you stupid author? -glares-

Scoobz: It wasn't me! -shivers in fear-

Natsuki: I don't care! Find a way to cure it now! or else...

-Shizuru walks in with a bottle of scented oil-

Shizuru: Ara ara... Let me massage it for you Na-tsu-ki. -stares pointedly at author-

Natsuki: -blushes- Shi-zuru!!

-Scoobz hurries out of room as images of the two covered in oil signaled the start of a nosebleed-


Note: kanin na - forgive me
ara ara - Somethin' similar to 'my my'
baka - stupid/idiot

So, let me know what you guys think :)
Story can also be found here. Reviews are appreciated!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Goodbye Mel *sniff*

This goes out to my dearest Shaggy who's leaving for UK tmr....

You've been such a great friend Mel! I'll never forget times we had. All those horror movies sessions, Japanese bow tradition, sleepovers in Tracy's place, etc etc and even getting lost in KL! And ah yes, the times in tuition for our most feared subject-ADD MATH!!! Lol... I'm so gonna missyoumissyoumissyou!!

Looks as if we're in a club rite? haha... since our plans didn't work out that day.

Andd... You'd better miss me too!!!! Haha... Here's to our friendship... Cheers!!~

ps. Anyone wants to temporarily adopt this stray doggy? Anyone at all? *_*

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Two guys, three girls and a shopping mall

The Laziness virus demands all my energy so this post will be a short one.

Grace, Mandy, Derick,Ck, and I met up in 1-U yesterday. We watched 'Knocked Up' which was pretty funny... Next we took those lil' sticker picture things and taking advantage of all the readily available backgrounds, cam-whored inside the booths! :)

sticker pics!

1st edition of scoobzz.blogspot magazine ;)

gl: Omg! what's he doin' in my bathroom?
ck: Your bathroom...?? this is MY bathroom!!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Natsuki!

Ok, i know this is a few days late but i've been busy with finals... Anyway,


Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Big Harry Potter Race (Part II)

Now the question was how the hell to get back into the car park since the doors were already locked.... And so, we asked the guards and one of them was nice enough to guide us back to our car thru' the underground tunnels. However, Plan II & III failed as well cause after another round of 'interrogating' a few other guards, we discovered that only the main park doors were gonna be opened. So the rest of the night was spent checking out where every door, every elevator, and every emergency exit led to. There had to be a way in somehow.... right? But everything seemed to lead to either more locked doors or the park. To make matters worse, we had no water, no food and our bladders were full. Finally, as we were close to giving up, we decided to try the last option- the worker's elevator. And it worked! hahaha... we finally got ourselves into the 4th floor of the building! By that time it was about 4.10 am, still a lil' early to be wandering about so we decided to hide out behind the wall at the end of the worker's corridor. Omg! i wonder how much chemicals we breathed in for the whole time we were huddled in that really tight corner. You know the stuff they use to patch walls? well, there was so much flying around that it was hard to breathe. Anyway, the 50 mins there was not without more mishaps- Wk got locked into the emergency escape, Yun n' I got discovered (luckily the worker was willing to help us)

huddled in a corner

At 5, the 3 of us started running to the end point but when we reached, the Kinokuniya people kept telling us to go down. And so we ran to the nearest escalators (which was at the other end of the building by the way), rushed down and ran to the center court but it was still blocked! so the whole running process was repeated til we reached the 1st floor where, panting for breath, proceded to climb up to the end point again. Suddenly, shouts of "catch them" were heard and we saw a guard yelling n' coming towards us. Seemed like this was supposed to be a race from the bottom so everyone who had gotten in got thrown out again :'( So much for our efforts......

Then the stampede race began! And so we ran, n' ran, n' ran for dear life.... "must *pant pant* get book!" And finally we made it.... a lil' too late. Just imagine the disappointment we felt. Everything we did was in vain... It was all for naught :( Then, a glimmer of hope- The people in front were complaining that at least 7 of the top 13 had cheated. So, as part of the next 13, we complained too. And talked to the press, and boo-ed those people when they received their books. In the end, Kinokunia decided to give us, the next 13 free books as well! So it was all worth it in the end! *cheers* Plus we had a taste of how movie stars feel as there were camera's clicking everywhere! Dunno which one to look at k! hahah....
______ approx. 400 people raced! __ _________ Shoes of one of the ladies who cheated.
____ ______________________________how she 'ran' from the G.floor to 4th i have no idea -.-


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Big Harry Potter Race (Part I)

The start of it all: I saw the article about the race in The Star newspaper and told Yun bout it. Being such huge HP fans, the whole idea seemed terribly exciting and nothing anyone said would make us change our minds. At least one of the free books had to be ours! Preferably the autographed ones ;)

Preparing for D'day: Having no mode of transportation to KLCC, we decided that we'd catch the midnight movie then camp out til' the gates open at 5am. Hahaha... Extremely crazy I know. Anyway, with Mission HPDH, Plan I in order, the both of us set out to recruit HP fans/friends for the mission. The firsts being our housemate-SY, Js, Zh and Ranz. Next was the irritant, Wk, Tracy, and Grace. Sad to say, SY laughed at us, the irritant turned down the mission, Tracy (although initially extremely enthusiastic about it) backed off cause' she was worried about safety and Grace had class. Js, Zh and Ranz agreed to join us for the movie and hang around for a bit while Wk got just as excited and determined as us :)

D'day: *Jumps around in excitement* Throughout all our classes, the 6 of us couldn't stop discussing our crazy plans for the night. Then we realized, #1-tickets for Fri night are usually fully booked, #2-we hadn't booked, #3-online ticketing server was down, #4-transformers was full, and #5-all the late night movies were full. Gawd.... we got a lil scared for a moment but Wk wasn't giving up. He kept on trying and trying and finally managed to book Vacancy. *insert look of horror* Horror movies scare d' hell outta me... But it's for harry potter *mutters over and over* Must tahan!

That night, Yun and I took a cab down to KLCC, had dinner then started exploring the place throughly. All the important landmarks mentioned in the paper had to be checked out. We spotted Js, Zh, and Ranz just as we finished and the 5 of us went to have a drink in Chilli's while waiting for Wk. Zh wanted to try all the juices so each time he refilled with a different thing. He even tried tomato and pineapple k! hahah... Anyway movie time was a torture. I think i actually squeaked! :S Thank God for the stupid ending k.. totally erased whatever fear i felt. Anyway, the actual adventure began after the movie... We talked to security guards, asked about every entrance, every carpark, the time each door was going to be opened, etc until they made us leave. There were already quite a number of people in the park. Approx 15 i think. Shit man! There was no way we'd be able to beat everyone if we stayed there.... And so, it was time to put Plan II into action.

To be continued....

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Harry Potter madness

OMG what an adventure!!!! Last night my friends and I camped out for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows release and boy, was it exciting! You see, Kinokuniya KLCC organized a 'race' where the 1st 3 who made it to the top and gave the correct password would get an autographed version for free and the next 10, the book. Being the crazy uni students we were, Yun, Wk and I decided to try our luck. Details of the whole experience will be posted soon. I'm too exhausted right now.... And too absorbed in my new free book ;p

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter Chibi's

Since it's the Harry Potter season, with the movie released last week and Death Hallows due this Saturday, here's a really cute deviation i found by Snapesnogger.

They're just so adorable aren't they? :D

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fast food served on the go

I've been too lazy to blog recently so to all the hungry wolves readers out there, here's a quick update...
Two weeks ago, Shea Ling was in kl so we went shopping at 1-U.

Pei, Yen Li and I headed over to Bangsar last tuesday. We had Mama's Beef Spaghetti, Salmon Quiche and a Chocolate brownie with ice cream for lunch, and after walking around for a bit, Pei rewarded the kid tagging along with tiramisu! Lol...

Then on Thurs evening, after dealing with E.Coli, Stephylococcus Aureus, and other types of mold and bacteria, my friends and I decided to have a drink at this new place nearby our uni that opened a few weeks ago (i actually can't remember the name... New Haven or something. haha..). The cafe's really cool. They have this concept of allowing customers to scribble all over their tables, walls, windows, bamboo decorations, etc etc.... everything is scribble-able! Lol... I even took home some of the pebbles i scribbled on ;) Plus, there's all sorts of magazines, manga and games available. We hung out til' almost 7, playing Uno-Stacko and scribbling everywhere. I was feeling naughty that day so this warlord planned and schemed for the downfall of Azuin-who wanted to kena-kan everyone at first. And it worked too! Twice! *grins* hahah... YW kept complaining that he too was being a victim caught in the middle of our plans. Ahahaha... he should be grateful enough that we didn't turn our plans on him... ;)

And finally, on friday, LB, YW, BP and I went bowling in Times Square. Anddd i managed to strike quite a few times! haha... Ego is a lil' inflated now thanks to the guys ;)

ps. And oh, did i mention that grace is already down in KL? :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

Natsuki from Mai Hime

I finally churned out a fanart!! Doesn't look too bad I guess... Lol..
I don't own a scanner so this is a picture of the drawing, edited to make the lines clearer. Let me know what you guys think ;)

Oh-so-cool biker chick, Kuga Natsuki

ps. I now officially have a Deviant Art account :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Deviant Arts

I happened to chance upon these deviant arts while searching for shiznat stuff and thought i'd share. To the uninitiated, deviant art is a place where people can submit their artwork. Gawd, i wish i was that talented!

Clark Kent from Smallville

Sirius Black from Harry Potter

Umbreon and Espeon from Pokemon

Lana Lang from Smallville
(is it just me or is it getting hot in here? *grins*)

Peyton from One Tree Hill

ps. I can't remember the links as all these were saved quite some time ago so if you're the artist, please let me know and i'll put up the proper acknowledgments :)

Friday, July 06, 2007

Random musings

I have no idea how it's possible to get your heart completely broken one moment and yet feel so utterly happy the next. And all with just a few words. One moment, so extremely miserable that you swear you have to extricate yourself from her so that maybe, just maybe your heart will heal, and yet you can't stay away. No matter how you try, no matter how desperately you want the freakin' roller coaster emotions to stop, there's still something in you that pulls you back. Then just as you harden your resolve, just as you finally manage to take a step away, she says a few words and you feel that something tug at your heart. Or sometimes, an unconscious caring gesture that floods you with such warmth and love, and you fall even deeper, willingly subjecting yourself to more hurt that you know is to come, contenting yourself with staying in the background, only surfacing when you're needed.

Ah well, i guess that's the perils of being so smitten. So fucking smitten...

And i can't decide if that's a good thing or not.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

It's your duty

The irritant sent me this song the other day and as usual demanded asked me to listen to it. And so i did, and liked it immediately! :) it's got erm... pretty naughty lyrics but heck, that's what adds to the fun right? Plus she IS kinda hot.... haha...


(Oh yeah)

Ooh, don't be shy
Feed your appetite
You've got that rocket fuel
Ignition ready, ooh ohh
So fire it up
Don't hide it, hype it up
They're watching us, so what?
Don't you know that...

Some people are born to shut up and sit behind the desk
Some people are born to be safe and cannot take a risk
Handcuff up your boss, yeah, and be rough
He might like it, like it
He'll get a rise, you'll get a raise
Don't tell his wife about it

It's your duty duty, to shake that booty booty
Small, fat, all round or juicy
you're what they desire
It's your duty duty, to shake that booty booty
So what you're waiting for?
you're what they desire

Shake it shake it shake it shake it
you're what they desire

Ooh, straight or gay
You swing it either way
You've got to whip it up
Into a frenzy
Ooh ooh, it's what you feel
Yet this might shock for real
Flash it, it's no big deal
Don't you know that...

Some people are born to shut up and sit behind the desk
Some people are born to be safe and cannot take a risk
Handcuff up your boss, yeah, and be rough
He might like it, like it
He'll get a rise, you'll get a raise
Don't tell her man about it


Shake it shake it shake it shake it
you're what they desire

Shake it shake it shake it shake it
you're what they desire

oh, don't be shy (okay)
Feed your appetite
You've got that rocket fuel
Ignition ready, ooh ohh
So fire it up (you like that?)
Don't hide it, hype it up (okay)
They're watching us, so what? (come on)
Don't you know that...

Some people are born to shut up and sit behind the desk (listen up)
Some people are born to be safe and cannot take a risk (that's right)
Handcuff up your boss, yeah, and be rough
He might like it, like it (come on)
He'll get a rise, you'll get a raise
Don't tell his wife about it

(chorus) x2

phew! now, if that wasn't hot enough, go check out the video here!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Omgosh! Romance killed! Lol


“What was that for?”
“For you.”
Sigh. “What did I do now?”

Were you trying to confess?
With that oh-so-sweet poem of yours
Have you fallen once again?
Those memories now seem so far away

Things are gonna be complicated between us now
You know that don’t you?
Then why…
Why do you like me?

Was it me who asked you to dance?
Or maybe you asked me?

I do think my eyes are beautiful
But you already know that
And the way I dance…
I’m so sorry I made you stutter.

Don’t stare too much
For I’m very shy
You can stare when I’m not looking at you
But if I catch you staring

I’ll slap you wan ar…

And DON’T try to kiss me
I will kick you!
You want to dance
Yes, we can dance

But please, don’t step on me
I’m serious
Step on me and I’ll step on you back

I know I’m gorgeous babe
Tell me I’m gorgeous
Don’t just think it to yourself
A girl needs to hear it every once in a while

You’re gorgeous

Ohh! Thank you!
That was so nice

Come, Let me blow into your ear
You like that right?
Warm breath
With saliva

So, you like my fingers too? *giggles*
Lightly poking your skin
You like that huh?
Awhh... I knew it

OHH!! You like my arm to press against you too?
I always knew you liked my nudges
And all these time you were protesting
I will do more next time

Ehh why are your legs weak?
I don’t want ar
When we go on our date then you have to sit in a wheel chair
I won’t push you wan ar!

And when the music starts we must dance
What song do you want?
No ‘fallen leaves’ please
Or I’ll knock your head

I want a slow dance
So I can blow more in your ear
You cannot really dance so I must give you some credit
Three chances before I stomp on your foot

What are you thinking about?
Me right?
I know you are

Yes, I’m thinking of you.
Counting away the seconds till I see you again
And thinking of what I wanna do

You wanna touch my neck?
Yeah, my neck’s quite nice too

That’s right
It’s too nice
I can’t take it anymore
The urge to wring it is too strong!

Woah. Feeling your love
I never thought you'd be so crazy over me

And oh, I’ll definitely stare
A stare so intense you’ll be blown away

Eh, control yourself

Feeling those invisible daggers I shoot your way

And when I stutter
It’d be due to outrage and indignation

*Fighting heard in the background*
"Dedicated to the one I’d never have courage to tell..."
"...TIKUS!!!! "

Ah, the beauty of a romantic love-hate relationship
Forever interesting
Never boring

Dedicated to the irritant who demanded inspired this.
May our friendship persevere forever!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Creative Spark -Part II-

You walk over to me
I can’t help but to stop breathing
I try not to stare
To marvel at your beauty
And your perfect legs

You smile and say hi
My mouth is dry
All I do is stutter something unintelligible
You must think I’m such an idiot

You flood my thoughts every moment of the day
Why can’t I get you out of my mind?

Sitting close to me
You lean in and ask if I’d like to dance
Your arm pressing against mine
Your warm breath tickling my ear
I swallow hard

You put your hands on my shoulders
Your fingers lightly grazing my skin
And start moving to the music
I move along
Entranced by you

My body is trembling
My knees are weak
I can hardly breathe
You have no idea what you’re doing to me

You suddenly look up and smile
My breath catches in my throat
I can’t help but to think how gorgeous you look
It’s all I can do to stop myself from kissing you

What is it you do?
What is it you say?
Why cant I break out?
I don’t wanna love you

And yet,
No matter what i do
No matter how much i try
You’re still all I think about…

Dedicated to the one i'd never have the courage to tell....

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Exhausting semester

Work work work.... I'm up to my neck with work. Why can't the lecturers be more merciful? It's never-ending i tell you! i'm so exhausted, sleep deprived, brain drained, body drained, and so on....

i just wanna sink into bed and sleep. nice long restful sleep where maybe shizuru will pay me a visit and-d....... no wait. That wouldn't be very restful then would it? after all, your body does react to everything you dream of and having shizuru around would be um... pretty
stressful... Lolz... never mind that.

it's back to work for me *sighs* :'(

Monday, June 04, 2007

Music by Billy Talent

i've recently stumbled across this Canadian rock band called Billy Talent and immediately fell in love with their music. To find out more 'bout the band, click here. Two of my favs are Fallen Leaves n' This Is How It Goes! =)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Katakoi Enka by my Shizuru

Shizuru Fujino with her sexy Kyoto-ben voice, dangerous calm, n' teasing countenance is so hot- So freaking hot n' yet so tortured, so angst ridden. All hidden away beneath a cheerful n' polite mask. Always smiling, always adept, the kaichou, the perfect student. Although she looks like she needs protecting, she was the one doing the protecting. Heck, look at the way she finished off her opponents with just one swift, graceful movement. Handling her nagatina with so much skill n' poise. And the haunted smile afterwards, the dark, bitter amusement... ultimate heartbreaking coolness man~ you just cant help feeling the raging emotions hidden behind her calm exterior. Her heart aching for the girl she can never have, breaking over her obvious rejection, and yet, still willing to do anything, everything to protect her, never letting go. Ah... such heart wrenching pain. It's both beautiful n' sad at the same time. So here it is... Shizuru's character song from My HiME- Katakoi Enka sung by her seiyu Naomi Shindou. Man.. her cryptic Kyoto-ben always sends shivers up n' down my spine.

Lyrics (translation taken frm here)

Nureta kami ni sotto
kuchibiru yosete me wo tojite
Namida gundara akan?

I gently lay my lips on
your moist hair and close my eyes
May I not wallow in my sorrow?

Mune wo kogashite oikaketa
Ayakashi mitai ni oikaketa
Itsuka issho ni shinitai wa. Ah,
Yume ni ayatsurare mau koi no hana

I chase you as my heart is set aflame
I chase you as if I were a demon
One day, together we shall go into death. Ah,
The flower of love dances, manipulated by a dream

Kaze ga fuita dake de
Chiriyuku sadame nara
Dakiatta sono hi ni moeteshimaitai
Soshite beni no iro ga asete yuku you ni
Itoshii hito no naka hai ni naritai no

If we were to be set apart
by the mere blowing of the wind
I would set the day that we embraced in flames
And turning into ashes of fading crimson,
I long to disintegrate inside my love

Omoikirenai wabishisa to
Tsutae sobireta wabishisa to
Uchi ga shindara naki haru no? Ah,
Kikeba karesou na katakoi sakura

The wretchedness of persistent thoughts and
The wretchedness of their suppression

Will you weep for me if I die? Ah,
The sakura of unrequited love seemingly withers upon hearing it

Hoshi ga ‘rin’ to nareba
Yomichi wo terasu kara
Omoi ha tomaranai moete moetsukite
Kondo koso nigasanai
Kono mi ga kietemo nigasanai

Once the stars cry out
They will illuminate the night
Irripressible love burns everything into entirety
This time you will not escape
Even if this body were to perish, I will not let you go

Kaze ga fuita dake de

Chiriyuku sadame demo
Omoi ha tomaranai moete moetsukite
Kondo koso nigasanai
Kono mi ga kietemo nigasanai

Even if the mere blowing of the wind
Were to set us apart
Irripressible love burns everything into entirety
This time you will not escape
Even if this body were to perish, I will not let you go

Omokage ni youhodo Koyoi midaremasu...
Intoxicated by your countenance, I descend into chaos tonight...

ps. d' photo on top was somewhat distracting *blushes*


Those who want the Katakoi Enka mp3 can mail me at ^__^

Thursday, May 24, 2007

American Idol Finale Winner-Jordin Sparks!

Whoa, what an amazing finale! First off was a performance by Blake n' Jordin then Gwen Stefani sang ‘4 in the morning’ followed by Kelly Clarkson with ‘Never Again’ and that got me glued. Yeah, that’s right. I’m a Kelly Clarkson fan. And a Carrie Underwood one too! :) Up next was The Golden Idol Awards which were freaking hilarious!! Best Performance went to Margarete Fowler and omgosh you should’ve seen the way she kissed Ryan Seacreast!! She attacked his lips with so much err, vigor n’ enthusiasm that he ended on the ground after the kiss! Hahaha.. She’s so damn funny. And she had a poem ready- to quote her *in a highly amusing flirty tone* “…Cause’ you know I’m a poem writer don’t you Simon?” Ahahaha… Just as she left d’ stage, Ryan dropped the bomb, “Simon, we gave her your number”. Now i wonder what would happen if she takes it to her mind to seduce him ;) Heh... Anyway, Best Original Vocal went to Sholandrie Stallworth while Best Buddies went to Kenneth Bricks & Jonathan. Personally I think that Simon was right. Kenneth does look like bush baby. Then there were more performances by 'beatbox' Blake, Melinda Doolittle, top 6 male & female, Tony Bennet, Daughtry, Smokey, past AI winners Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Reuben, and many more. And finally ladies n’ gentlemen, the moment we’ve all been waiting for *drumrolls* The winner of American Idol is….. JORDIN SPARKS!!! :D I’m so happy she won! Hahah.. Congrats Jordin!!~

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Such injustice!!

Ok.. i've realized that my last few posts centered mostly round anime and i haven't been updating on life so here it is- Life back in 'Hitam-punya-tempat'.
First week was not too bad, a few pleasant n' not-so-pleasant surprises. First off, i failed freaking Java Programming and have to now sit for the supplementary exam which, for the uninitiated, is our last chance before they make us repeat d' whole subject. And to make things worse, that opportunistic lecturer of ours refused to give us some extra coaching but slyly mentioned that UCSI was paying her RM80 an hour so if we wanted lessons we'd have to pay as well. Ok, fair enough tho' she made us fail in d' 1st place but guess how much she asked for? RM120 per person for a total of 6 hours ! Still not bad enough? She then said that those who attended her tuition would know what she wanted for the exam while those who didnt, well, they would fail. Plus, she had a paper filled with set answers which she would use to mark d' paper with! Damnit man!! all those not-so-subtle threats! and oh yeah, we had to keep it quiet! i was so damn angry! A lot of us were. Really really wanted to report her! but heck, this is where all ur sense of juctice starts fighting with selfishness... u see, if we report, we'd all most likely fail (revenge on her part) and the most UCSI would do would be to take disiplinary action or mayb fire her but then again, how r they gonna find a replacement in such short notice? now, if we didnt report, it wouldnt be fair to d' students who didnt attend her tuition and we'd b indirectly encouraging her to fail d' next batch juz to earn some side income. And not juz some meager sum k!! about 80 of us are taking d' supplementary so lets see... assuming every1 takes her tuition, she's gonna earn like, RM9600 in juz 2 days!!! heck, d'you think she'd pass a chance of earning that repeatedly for d' next few sems? arghh!! fucking lecturer!!
Anyway, on to the better surprises.... i did pretty well on Uni chem 2 and scraped thru calculus! :) i so thought calculus was doomed k... hahaha... thank God k.... :)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

My HiME- Shiznat fanart

Thought i'd share some shiznat fanart i found recently :)

- Lang Bak - by ~Jango-Joe on deviantART

Monday, May 07, 2007


Omg!!~ My-HiME so rocks!! The drama, the emotions, it’s all so freakin’ intense! Every episode was like a rollercoaster ride, leaving me feeling totally blown away and adrenaline pumping thru my veins. Ok, I don’t wanna spoil it by revealing too much so here’s a short summary :)

HiME stands for Highly-advanced Materializing Equipment- I have no idea why they use ‘equipment’ instead of ‘people’. After all, all 12 HiME’s are human. (Well, 13 if we count the SEARRS engineered HiME). Anyway, HiMEs have the power to materialize weapons by charging photon particles and call upon their Childs’ to help them in battle. Both the weapon and Child is specific to the HiME (Wonder if the enzymatic reaction inspired this show… *shrugs*)

At first we’re led to believe that the HiMEs’ main duty is to fight off Orphans (horrible monsters with killer intent) but later on we discover that the HiMEs have to fight and defeat each other’s Childs. The last one standing would then marry the Obsidian Lord and gain supreme power over the HiME star. Tricky part is, a HiME has to put her most important person at stake when she calls upon her Child so when the Child is killed, the HiMEs’ most important person disappears in green sparkles as well. Most of the HiME are friends and have no intent on fighting but due to a series of events, the HiMEs are one-by-one led into situations where they have to struggle between love, friendship, jealousy, ambition, and loyalty. Omg, the intensity of all the raging emotions… This is a must-watch!

Btw, HiME actually means princess in Japanese.