Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dumbledore is gay

To all avid Harry Potter fans out there, JK Rowling has stated that Dumbledore is gay in a recent US tour. Excerpt from Reuters:

Rowling said Dumbledore fell in love with the charming wizard Gellert Grindelwald but when Grindelwald turned out to be more interested in the dark arts than good, Dumbledore was "terribly let down" and went on to destroy his rival.

That love, she said, was Dumbledore's "great tragedy".

"Falling in love can blind us to an extent," she said.

The audience reportedly fell silent after the admission -- then erupted into applause.

Now ain't that a shocker? Or had you guessed it all along?


adri-enne said...

i nearly died of shock at that news. dumbledore was my ultimate favourite harry potter character but my love for the character was tainted after finishing book7 and now.. i'm just speechless and am very glad that harry potter series are meant for kiddies. but i feel it's so random that she stated this after the series ended.

2 words: weird n redundant

haahhaha anymore surprises, rowling?

scoobz said...

Yeah, i agree. book 7 really portrayed dumbledore's in a bad light.
glad that they're meant for kiddies?? hmmm... with such themes, i think it's more for young adults/adults. hahah...

charmine said...

More for adults i suppose... some stuff with double meanings are hard to be grasped by young kiddos... unless the new generation is really proving me wrong.... I can see myself telling em.."when i was your age... pluto was still the 9th planet" hahhaa

Why the heck she mention after the book is published. Feel so lame. Like more publicity hogging. Don't really like her. Being too commercialised....

scoobz said...

hahaha... with the internet n tv nowadays, they just might ;)

ok, i'm gonna play martyr here XD Coz nobody asked her? hahah... double meanings are kinda fun. Just to see who and how many actually catches them ;P