Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Boredom… that’s all life here is all about. Most of my classes end around lunchtime n once I get back there’s nothin’ 2 do =[ I’m like so bored of sleepin’ non stop 2 cure d boredom… even comp games doesn’t help.. if only d’ house had internet. Man.. I’d a much MUCH happier person!~ well anyway, thanks 2 boredom, 1 of my housemates n i took a walk 2 Giant juz 2 hang out… yeah i know, lame.. but that's not d' end of it.. we combed d whole building n saw lots n lotsa individual shops but no Giant!! we even tried d roof k.. so gila man...
Then yesterday we walked along d 'longest pasar malam' (it's very near my place eelis =] ) supposed 2 b like 1km long i think.. anyway, it really brought out d' pig in me... there was so much food that we ended up buyin' a lot-fried dumplings, taiwan pizza, kuey teow, popiah, nasi lemak, etc etc-too much 2 b exact... it was such a struggle 2 finish everythin' =S
Taegukgi was on dat nite... watchin it reminded me of every1 back in penang.. i remembered almost every1 comin out of d cinema wif tears in their eyes.. how pei said she couldn't cry coz it'd mess her mascara.. i even remember that 'cold n heartless' thing ;) i really miss every1... :'(