Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy b'day!!

Thank you to everyone u who wished me! It really means a lot :) It’s been such an absolutely wonderfully fantastically awesome day! *grins* There’s no exact word to describe how I feel at d’ moment. Happy? You bet!! Loved? Hell yeah... ;) There’s this huge, dopey, grin plastered all over my – Nah.. Not my face, my heart! :)

First off, Grace, Winnie, Mandy, Shea ling, n’ Li Lynn treated me to dinner at Bella Italia (dunno how its spelt :S). Pizza n’ pasta was the order of the day :) mmm… They bought me a cake! Choc mint! Tasted darn good :) thanks guys!!! *grins madly*

Then we headed to BED fo’ sum drinks, talk n’ of course - most importantly in fact - a picture takin’ session - what’s a nite out without any pics huh? :) Heheh… Had my 1st taste of coffee with liquor! Coffee with Baileys! (or was it Barcadi? oh well.. *shruggs*) Was rather bitter tho’… I liked grace’s better - Irish whiskey with coffee! Thanks guys fo’ d’ wonderful nite!! :) U guys sure made my day! *hugs*