Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Big Harry Potter Race (Part II)

Now the question was how the hell to get back into the car park since the doors were already locked.... And so, we asked the guards and one of them was nice enough to guide us back to our car thru' the underground tunnels. However, Plan II & III failed as well cause after another round of 'interrogating' a few other guards, we discovered that only the main park doors were gonna be opened. So the rest of the night was spent checking out where every door, every elevator, and every emergency exit led to. There had to be a way in somehow.... right? But everything seemed to lead to either more locked doors or the park. To make matters worse, we had no water, no food and our bladders were full. Finally, as we were close to giving up, we decided to try the last option- the worker's elevator. And it worked! hahaha... we finally got ourselves into the 4th floor of the building! By that time it was about 4.10 am, still a lil' early to be wandering about so we decided to hide out behind the wall at the end of the worker's corridor. Omg! i wonder how much chemicals we breathed in for the whole time we were huddled in that really tight corner. You know the stuff they use to patch walls? well, there was so much flying around that it was hard to breathe. Anyway, the 50 mins there was not without more mishaps- Wk got locked into the emergency escape, Yun n' I got discovered (luckily the worker was willing to help us)

huddled in a corner

At 5, the 3 of us started running to the end point but when we reached, the Kinokuniya people kept telling us to go down. And so we ran to the nearest escalators (which was at the other end of the building by the way), rushed down and ran to the center court but it was still blocked! so the whole running process was repeated til we reached the 1st floor where, panting for breath, proceded to climb up to the end point again. Suddenly, shouts of "catch them" were heard and we saw a guard yelling n' coming towards us. Seemed like this was supposed to be a race from the bottom so everyone who had gotten in got thrown out again :'( So much for our efforts......

Then the stampede race began! And so we ran, n' ran, n' ran for dear life.... "must *pant pant* get book!" And finally we made it.... a lil' too late. Just imagine the disappointment we felt. Everything we did was in vain... It was all for naught :( Then, a glimmer of hope- The people in front were complaining that at least 7 of the top 13 had cheated. So, as part of the next 13, we complained too. And talked to the press, and boo-ed those people when they received their books. In the end, Kinokunia decided to give us, the next 13 free books as well! So it was all worth it in the end! *cheers* Plus we had a taste of how movie stars feel as there were camera's clicking everywhere! Dunno which one to look at k! hahah....
______ approx. 400 people raced! __ _________ Shoes of one of the ladies who cheated.
____ ______________________________how she 'ran' from the G.floor to 4th i have no idea -.-


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