Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Big Harry Potter Race (Part I)

The start of it all: I saw the article about the race in The Star newspaper and told Yun bout it. Being such huge HP fans, the whole idea seemed terribly exciting and nothing anyone said would make us change our minds. At least one of the free books had to be ours! Preferably the autographed ones ;)

Preparing for D'day: Having no mode of transportation to KLCC, we decided that we'd catch the midnight movie then camp out til' the gates open at 5am. Hahaha... Extremely crazy I know. Anyway, with Mission HPDH, Plan I in order, the both of us set out to recruit HP fans/friends for the mission. The firsts being our housemate-SY, Js, Zh and Ranz. Next was the irritant, Wk, Tracy, and Grace. Sad to say, SY laughed at us, the irritant turned down the mission, Tracy (although initially extremely enthusiastic about it) backed off cause' she was worried about safety and Grace had class. Js, Zh and Ranz agreed to join us for the movie and hang around for a bit while Wk got just as excited and determined as us :)

D'day: *Jumps around in excitement* Throughout all our classes, the 6 of us couldn't stop discussing our crazy plans for the night. Then we realized, #1-tickets for Fri night are usually fully booked, #2-we hadn't booked, #3-online ticketing server was down, #4-transformers was full, and #5-all the late night movies were full. Gawd.... we got a lil scared for a moment but Wk wasn't giving up. He kept on trying and trying and finally managed to book Vacancy. *insert look of horror* Horror movies scare d' hell outta me... But it's for harry potter *mutters over and over* Must tahan!

That night, Yun and I took a cab down to KLCC, had dinner then started exploring the place throughly. All the important landmarks mentioned in the paper had to be checked out. We spotted Js, Zh, and Ranz just as we finished and the 5 of us went to have a drink in Chilli's while waiting for Wk. Zh wanted to try all the juices so each time he refilled with a different thing. He even tried tomato and pineapple k! hahah... Anyway movie time was a torture. I think i actually squeaked! :S Thank God for the stupid ending k.. totally erased whatever fear i felt. Anyway, the actual adventure began after the movie... We talked to security guards, asked about every entrance, every carpark, the time each door was going to be opened, etc until they made us leave. There were already quite a number of people in the park. Approx 15 i think. Shit man! There was no way we'd be able to beat everyone if we stayed there.... And so, it was time to put Plan II into action.

To be continued....

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