Saturday, July 14, 2007

Fast food served on the go

I've been too lazy to blog recently so to all the hungry wolves readers out there, here's a quick update...
Two weeks ago, Shea Ling was in kl so we went shopping at 1-U.

Pei, Yen Li and I headed over to Bangsar last tuesday. We had Mama's Beef Spaghetti, Salmon Quiche and a Chocolate brownie with ice cream for lunch, and after walking around for a bit, Pei rewarded the kid tagging along with tiramisu! Lol...

Then on Thurs evening, after dealing with E.Coli, Stephylococcus Aureus, and other types of mold and bacteria, my friends and I decided to have a drink at this new place nearby our uni that opened a few weeks ago (i actually can't remember the name... New Haven or something. haha..). The cafe's really cool. They have this concept of allowing customers to scribble all over their tables, walls, windows, bamboo decorations, etc etc.... everything is scribble-able! Lol... I even took home some of the pebbles i scribbled on ;) Plus, there's all sorts of magazines, manga and games available. We hung out til' almost 7, playing Uno-Stacko and scribbling everywhere. I was feeling naughty that day so this warlord planned and schemed for the downfall of Azuin-who wanted to kena-kan everyone at first. And it worked too! Twice! *grins* hahah... YW kept complaining that he too was being a victim caught in the middle of our plans. Ahahaha... he should be grateful enough that we didn't turn our plans on him... ;)

And finally, on friday, LB, YW, BP and I went bowling in Times Square. Anddd i managed to strike quite a few times! haha... Ego is a lil' inflated now thanks to the guys ;)

ps. And oh, did i mention that grace is already down in KL? :)

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