Thursday, May 17, 2007

Such injustice!!

Ok.. i've realized that my last few posts centered mostly round anime and i haven't been updating on life so here it is- Life back in 'Hitam-punya-tempat'.
First week was not too bad, a few pleasant n' not-so-pleasant surprises. First off, i failed freaking Java Programming and have to now sit for the supplementary exam which, for the uninitiated, is our last chance before they make us repeat d' whole subject. And to make things worse, that opportunistic lecturer of ours refused to give us some extra coaching but slyly mentioned that UCSI was paying her RM80 an hour so if we wanted lessons we'd have to pay as well. Ok, fair enough tho' she made us fail in d' 1st place but guess how much she asked for? RM120 per person for a total of 6 hours ! Still not bad enough? She then said that those who attended her tuition would know what she wanted for the exam while those who didnt, well, they would fail. Plus, she had a paper filled with set answers which she would use to mark d' paper with! Damnit man!! all those not-so-subtle threats! and oh yeah, we had to keep it quiet! i was so damn angry! A lot of us were. Really really wanted to report her! but heck, this is where all ur sense of juctice starts fighting with selfishness... u see, if we report, we'd all most likely fail (revenge on her part) and the most UCSI would do would be to take disiplinary action or mayb fire her but then again, how r they gonna find a replacement in such short notice? now, if we didnt report, it wouldnt be fair to d' students who didnt attend her tuition and we'd b indirectly encouraging her to fail d' next batch juz to earn some side income. And not juz some meager sum k!! about 80 of us are taking d' supplementary so lets see... assuming every1 takes her tuition, she's gonna earn like, RM9600 in juz 2 days!!! heck, d'you think she'd pass a chance of earning that repeatedly for d' next few sems? arghh!! fucking lecturer!!
Anyway, on to the better surprises.... i did pretty well on Uni chem 2 and scraped thru calculus! :) i so thought calculus was doomed k... hahaha... thank God k.... :)

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