Monday, December 03, 2007

Dedicated to Mel with love ^_^

This is for my dear Shaggy... You were missed terribly!

I'm sure that every one of us at some point of our lives probably would've snuck some kinda food into the cinema- biscuits, snacks, jelly beans, french fries and maybe even the occasional burger. But tell me, have you ever heard of anyone smuggling in a whole tub of ice-cream? Well, Tracy did! And it wasn't even in a tub but one of those ice-cream cake types where you have to remove the whole wrapper to be able to eat it. LOL... Talk bout' random man!

So anyway, we watched 'Enchanted' and it was pretty good. If you ignored the bollywood elements and irritating sap, that is ;)

Then dinner at Flame. Let the pictures tell the story:
Fried sotong for starters

Still rawww and wriggling

Jian's fantastic photography ;)


reeves said...

tracy smuggling ice cream into the cinema is nothing.she's a wonderwoman.she can smuggle in kimchii and udon with wasabi if she wants to.

scoobz said...

Lol... Yeah, anything she puts her mind to ;)