Saturday, September 30, 2006

Grace came by on thurs!! Was so happy to see her!! =) I so missed her k… went in the morn to teman her b4 her interview started… d’ interview so weird 1... Included a short chem test which was very hard n’ had stuff we never learned about. Well anyway, we had lunch n’ caught up on stuff den when it was time 4 her 2 leave, horrors of horrors!! No taxi was available in this area!! So how was she n’ her mum gonna make it 4 their bus home?? It was so scary k… we went 2 ask if they could take the UCSI shuttle service to Bandar Tasik Selatan n’ happened to meet a lady who was payin’ fees. She’s from kl n’ was very concerned n’ nice. She offered 2 take them 2 Bangsar where they could take an LRT to Pudu raya but guess wat? In the end she took them straight 2 Pudu! Ain’t that juz so nice of her? A Good Samaritan in real life! Heheh… Well, as usual, any contact from frenz always makes me happy n’ this was no diff… she left a smile on my face n’ a warm glow in my heart…. Omg!! I sound so damn sappy! :S hahah..
Anyway... we dissected frog dis week!!! So geli la… can see d’ heart beating n’ sum of d’ groups frog still can struggle n move even while being cut up k!! :S luckily ours wasn’t a fighter but a scrawny lil’ thing… hahah… will upload d' pics next week =)

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