Sunday, September 24, 2006

Yay!!! Suki won!! Heheh... I love her voice man!! N’ she’s so darn cute k =) so so extremely cute!! Hahah… Seeing Suki win was such a wonderful ending to my frustratingly stressful n’ tiring day *grins happily* I so absolutely loved it when she sang ‘Everything’… so damn good k =) Heheh… n’ the collaboration wif Ella was juz awesome!! :D Hahaha… I think I’ll be raging bout this for a long time k… I mean, heck, who can help it? juz look at how adorable she is... awwh… Not every1 looks that cute n’ has such an amazing voice y’know =p I’ll definitely buy her album =) help her turn her million into millions!!! Ahahahah… she's definately my 1 in a million!! =)

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