Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dedicated to ejian wif love ;)

Last last weekend -i've been procrastinating!!- tracy, mel n' i went shoppin at the Money River (thus named after claiming d' life [note: $$$] of thousands of helpless shoppers.. okok... i know dat was lame -.-") So anyway... at 1st we hung out at tracy's hse, havin' pizza n' watchin' tv... den at bout 4, headed out.. tracy! ur such a shopper la!! :P dinner was bak kut teh.. very unique bak kut teh mind u.. it had chinese wine in d soup! tracy n' i were 'halal' so poor mel had to finish up all d bak.. nvm mel.. next time u'll hav ejian to help u ;)we were all so glued to d comp dat nite ;) O2Jam rocks!!!! heheh.. so damn addictive k :) anyway, we wanted 2 make most of our time so we decided not to sleep too early n' ended up playin chor tai ti (dunno how 2 spell :S) a.k.a. d' big two, havin' supper [maggi mee which tracy cooked 4 us :) ] O2 Jammin', n' watchin' a movie(which we all fell asleep within 15mins.. haha..) next morn -err.. or shud i say afternoon- was a lazy 1.. we juz lazed around, watchin' movies, anime, mtv, basically whatever was on tv... y'know.. d' typical couch potato scene... n' oh yeah, O2 Jammin' :) in fact we were too lazy 2 even get ready 2 go for lunch instead preferring 2 order McDelivery... hahah.. it was such a fun weekend!! i was totally dead by dinner-time.. lack of sleep caught up i think.. eheheh..

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