Thursday, January 11, 2007

Scoobz' bachelor pad ;)

By now most of you would've known that i've shifted from that disgustin' house to a nearby condo.. the place is nice n my room faces d' swimmin' pool [means i've got a wonderful view ;)] heheh... yeah... i know i'm all bout views but hey, it's ok to enjoy d' lil' pleasures of life :) there's no pics of my room as it's a mess at d' mo... wait til' i've cleaned it up a bit yea :)

D' homesickness ain't all dat bad this time round.. n' i made a few new frenz! :) guess im gettin' used to kl life... kinda relish d new-found freedom actually n' plannin' to make full use of it ;) hahah... anyway i know it's a lil' late but....

may this year bring lotsa love, joy, peace and laughter! :)
*hugz n' kisses*

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