Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Little Miss Procrastinator

Scoob has this friend and my gosh, what a procrastinator she is! 4 freaking assignments and none down. Thus far, she has done everything but. Lazing, partying, chor tai ti-ing, facebooking, fan fictioning, blogging even. Just name it, she's probably done it. Amazing ain't it, how everything poses as such a distraction?

Only a few days ago, she discovered this movie called Drifting Flowers and spent the whole day obsessing after watching it. Googled, Yahooed, Limewired, and torrent searched for it's soundtrack to no avail and so decided to load the music from YouTube. Well, once in youtube, why not spend a bit of time watching other amusingly useless videos? Or maybe gush over some hot new talents? By then she'd have probably stumbled upon another exciting movie or drama series to watch and obsess over and the whole process starts again. A rather relaxing cycle I must say. But only if those assignments of hers were out of the way.

I do believe Mendol is her current obsession at the mo. One of its soundtracks, 3 seconds, has been on repeat for the past hour. But that's only because she couldn't find the other soundtracks. Pathetic ain't it?

And so, after wasting another day, desperate, she appealed for help. And help appeared in the form of this blog post. Warning all others about her folly while helping to ease her troubled mind. How that works I have no idea. It just kinda does. Now then, won't someone please shake and slap some sense into her? The more violent the better.

Muchas Gracias!


blammer said...

Poor scoobz..

pauleen said...

i believe by now after penning down ALL ur troubles in this blog, the 4 assignments are still gnawing at u from the back of ur mind!! here's me, slapping some sense into u..get readY!!!!!
i'm i feel bad for *slapping* u!!..

elainelopez said...

ahahahah party sumore la.. and go gym sumore la... hahahahah ... chor tai di online or what??? i hv a website maybe we can play together ...

scoobz said...

Blammer: I know! Procrastination will be the death of me :(

Pauleen: Lol cow. After you've slapped me I tak boleh bangun d. Hahaha. No sleep for me tonight. Got something due tmr.

Pz: That's why la, dunno how to feel scared till it's too late. Nolar, chor tai ti with my friends here. If online, will surely lose kao kao.

melllzzz said...

procrastinate and end up like me! just do it. lol.

scoobz said...

Doing now! Already ended up like you have to stay up whole night :( Hopefully can finish early so I can catch a few hours of sleep. If not I'll surely sleep in class tmr

winnie said...

hey..does your friend go to the gym too?hehehe

Anonymous said...

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