Thursday, January 22, 2009

Insane Ramblings


Just felt like being random all of a sudden. Lol. It's 3am in the morn over here so please forgive the insanity.

Have been feeling a bit moody and uneasy these few days. And damn confused. Very, as some of you might know. Ich denke ich mag dich. Warum? Wie? (courtesy of pz lol) Ich bin gestresst. So yeah, another pointless post. Back to my *#!~$/ critical review due later today. Somebody save me! :'(

On another note, CONGRATS BLAMMER! XD


blammer said...

Hur hur,ty!

elainelopez said...

mahahahahahh .... du hast gut gelernt...... you learn well....

E-Jian said...

oh my. speak ing-ge-rish pleasse!!

scoobz said...

Blammer: Omg we need to talk! I need a good scrubbing! Lol.

pz: Muchas gracias amigo! (change to spanish pulak. Haha..)

Jian: Alright! Ing-ge-rish it is for the next post! ;)