Friday, April 13, 2007

Mai Otome

Every now and then, i get random obsessions n' right now it's anime-they're so freakin' cool k!! :) heheh... And no, they're not your average cartoons and definately not meant for just kids.

:::::::::::::: best friends turned rivals ::::::::::::::::

Anyway, one of d' anime i juz finished is called Mai Otome n' being totally obsessed, i did a search n' discovered that it's an alternate universe to My-HiMe and uses the same characters tho' it has a different storyline (more info). hmm... gotta getmy hands on my-hime ASAP~ :D

the heroine-Arika ; her roomies-Erstin & 1st coral Nina ; the daddy/love interest-Sergay Wang

the princess-Mashiro ; the seriously cool senior-Chie ; the cool sacarstic senior-Nao

the headmaster-Natsuki ; her implied gf-Shizuru ; the 5 pillars (aint they cool?:D)

the hilariously psychotic senior-Shiho ; her maki-maki voodo doll ; ma-te-ria-lize-d

2nd coral-Tomoe ; her unrecuited crush-shizuru ; Tomoe turned evil

more pics of Chie, Nao n' Shizuru just for kicks ;)

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