Friday, July 25, 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson

Not exactly the latest news but I'm gonna blog it anyway ^^

Sam blowing Lindsay a kiss

So, are Lindsay and Sam more than friends? While both have not officially confirmed their relationship, Sam's brother, Mark Ronson has been reported saying "My sister and Lindsay make a cute couple, don’t they?"

During Lindsay's birthday bash

Neck kissage in NYC

Notice the linked hands

They're holding hands again! :)

Lindsay hugs Sam after being away from her for a few days

Don't forget to wind up your mirror~

The kiss Sam posted on her Myspace

When asked about her wishes for the new year, Lindsay told Ryan Seacreast on his KIIS-FM show "I just want to live a happy, healthy year and continue on the path I've been on and be with the person I care about and my family,” Which would be Sam of course ^_~ And oh, did I mention the $20,000 Cartier (engagement?) ring Sam gave Lindsay?

Is this all merely a publicity stunt? Or are they truly in love? I for one chose to think the latter.
What do you guys think?

An interesting article on Lindsay paying tribute to Sam on her T-shirt
Link to Lindsay and Sam’s kissing picture on Sam’s myspace
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blammer said...

LOL. Yeah, it ain't new news. But i hope they are together. Better her than some slimy guy that lindsay partners with. Sam makes her clean up her act

Justin said...

I took some shots of them together on the set of Ugly Betty a few days ago. Check them out!

elainelopez said...

i didnt know this news lo ...
u see la i so outdated ....
sumore when i see the pic i tot she is boy lai .. hahahaha ...

scoobz said...

Blammer: Exactly! She's a much better person with Sam than she ever was with those guys.

Justin: Thanks for the head's up ^^

Pz: Lol nolar.. Usually we don't kaypo all these celebrities stuff wan ma.. Just that I was too free haha

Ranald Ho said...

lindsay lohan has nice boobs. nuff said XD

Anonymous said...

I guess you will want to place a facebook icon to your site. I just marked down this site, but I had to do it by hand. Just my 2 cents.