Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Brrr...! Watch out!

What a mad bunch we Malaysians are!

It started off when the three of us were startled but a sudden banging on our kitchen window. Looking out, we saw one of our coursemates pointing at the sky excitedly and saw that it was snowing rather heavily. Of course this being our first time, the first instinct was to rush out to jump around in it. But common sense prevailed when the blast of cold air hit us. We all ran to our respective rooms, grabbed our jackets and ran down again into the snow!

Scene from our doorway

Snowball fights and dumping of snow down each others’ backs ensured. It was so crazy! We were all running about, screaming, flinging snow at each other and taking pictures. I saw a few ang moh’s looking out at us from their windows. Probably wondering what crazy people would actually run into the cold. In shorts and slippers too! Omg! My hand and feet were totally numb after that! Hahaha… I’m still on high as I’m typing this so don’t mind my ridiculous excitement. Pictures will be up on Fb soon.

poser XD

Our fun wasn’t without drama lol. In our excitement, none of us had brought our keys and I didn’t jam the paper properly to prevent the door from closing so we got locked out of the house! Thank God one of our housemates whose room faced the outside hadn’t decided to join our madness! Otherwise who knows how long we would have been stuck outside! Lol.

A few minutes after I had gotten into my room, it started snowing again! I was about to knock on WP’s door which was next to mine when it opened and another friend came out. This is the conversation that followed.

Me: It’s snowing again!

CT: I know!

Me: Are you guys going out again?

CT, WP: Of course!

The four of us then ran down only to find the rest already posing for pictures and engaged in more snowball fights. Lol. It was one hell of a night. Wonder if the snow will be deep enough to cancel the project meeting tomorrow ;)


melllzzz said...

lu siao liao ah?

scoobz said...

Haha.. ki na jit ko ka siao! cho snowball tim lai tim ki. In the end, ka liao siang ka baru chang ek nia.

elainelopez said...

melzz ccannot get to play snow ..kesiannya

scoobz said...

Pz so jahat! Don't worry mel, I'll keep some in the freezer then give you when you come! ^__^

pauleen said...

hahha...scooby is nuts....
running in the snow...but if i were u, i'd be exactly like u!!!..muahahhaa

scoobz said...

I actually never thought that I'd be one of those crazy people doing such things. Looks like I was wrong! Hahah

janerrol said...

nice blog wanna exchange link???

scoobz said...

Hi Janerrol.. Why not? :)