Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pointless ramblings

Restless. So freaking restless.

Fingers are itching, body tensed from pent-up energy, knots happily bouncing about in the stomach. Unease courses through the veins, confusion through the arteries, both meeting at the heart, causing an unexplainable murmur? I think my facts are all wrong. Where are the doctors when you need one? Pharmacists? Biomeds? And biotechs that actually study? Lol.

There's this urge to blog. About what I don't know.



So many things to be said, so many that can't be said.

It's like treading on thin ice. Gotta becareful of it'll break and you'll fall. Fall into ice cold water. So cold that it first shocks you awake, then as you struggle about, overcomes you, saps your strength away, till relishing the numbness, you slowly surrender.

Confusing? Ought to be. I'm confused after all.

And thus, this absolutely pointless post. Don't mind me. Scoob will be back soon. Hopefully.

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