Saturday, November 29, 2008

Retroviruses acting up

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It's happening again.

My palms are sweaty, my head gets blurry, and I can't think properly. My senses are on the alert, adrenaline is pumping. I can't stop checking back. Can't stop being so aware of every move made. There's this lump in my throat, tingles down my neck. I can't take it no more. Someone please slap me! Throw cold water on me! Anything to break me out of this ridiculous trance I'm in! Thank God there's no disruption of oxygen or obstruction of blood flow yet. Nor that stupid smile when going in for the kill. Am taking it as a good sign lol. Maybe it hasn't set in yet. I certainly hope so. Life is good the way it is! I don't want any more complications!

And no, it's not denial, WT. At least I hope it's not. Please let it be not. Lol.

Coloured a picture of Shizuru to refocus my thoughts. Not my best efforts as I got a lil' distracted somewhere in between. Drawing is not mine. Dug it out somewhere from my massive collection and coloured with CS2.

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