Thursday, September 11, 2008


Guess what I got as an early 21 gift :)

21 already, must carry handbag?
(My mum used this phrase last year in her efforts to get me to carry a bag :S)

Close enough lol

But that just came with the package.
And I definitely don't use handbags so it'll prob go to my mum or my sis.

My real gift is the watch

My first piece of err... jewelery.

Gorgeous don't you think? ;)


E-Jian said...

teehee. 21 de must carry handbag! HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHHEHE. much loves!

scoobz said...

Lol! Hopefully no one gives her any ideas about 21 d must wear skirt/dress/make-up or anything of the sort! Lovesmuchtoojian

wallpapersdeco said...

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Lynn said...

watch is so pretty =]wear ok hehehhe im gonna missshhh yousss

scoobz said...

I'm gonna miss u too lilynn!!! :( Yeah, of course will wear.. hehe..


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