Monday, March 23, 2009

Final Season of The L Word - Season 6

Okay, so who thought the finale sucked? Or the most of the season for that matter?

The whole thing just felt a bit rushed. There wasn't enough build-up, wasn't enough tension. Not to mention, too many loose ends! I thought the parade thingy at the end was plain weird. With everyone smirking like that, it'd seem as if they had all plotted to kill Jenny together. That is till Jenny appears, smirking right along with them.

Being a Jenny fan, I've always found her rather amusing and that her crazy side somehow adds to her charm. The way the producers spent the whole season turning Jenny into this malicious, destructive bitch that goes about destroying all her friends' lives was really sad. Perhaps the intention was to give every character a motive so that we'd be left guessing at the end? I do believe they could done it another way though. A way that doesn't require completely destroying a character to the extend where everyone is glad to be rid of her. And that no one would mourn her death. A tragic end to her already tragic life.

You will be missed Jenny Schecter.

And oh, did I mention? I ♥ Lucy Lawless!

The L Word Online has full episodes of Season 6 but if you've missed the last few seasons, watch it here! :)


adri-enne said...

I thought that was a pic of Katy Perry.

Regarding the L word, I think Shane is cool. Haha VERY COOL.

Lucy Lawless was Xena aint it? where else does she act?

scoobz said...

Haha.. The actress is Mia Kirshner!

You watch The L word? Yes, Shane is way cool! But I don't really like the way she keeps running from relationships.

Yup, she was! I've been rewatching Xena for the past few weeks! Ahaha.. She makes an appearance in The L Word as the detective investigating Jenny's death.