Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's gonna be a mad, mad week

This is just a way of scaring motivating myself to get things done. Status will be updated each time I complete something. I only hope that I can survive...

Start time: 8pm
1st EDIT: 1st April, 12.30pm

Industrial Microbiology
To do: Lab report -Intro, Results, Interpretation, Discussion, Referencing

Status: Not done
Due: Thurs, 2nd April

Molecular Biology 2
To do: Lab Design - Intro, Equipment, Materials, Discussion
Status: Not done
Due: Thurs, 2nd April

End time: ______


Quin said...

aww.. good for you. i actually like listing down works that are not done so that i can have a clearer picture of what is going on, instead of being scared and confused of the mountain of work not done. stare it in the eye and it'll terrify you less.

oh.. new header? looking good!

Khai Ven said...

miss u too grassy..when r u coming back anyway??

melllzzz said...

jiayou jiayou jiayouuuuu

scoob said...

Quin: It does work better. If only I had discovered this method earlier! And thank you! :) It's actually an old banner that I used on my imeem profile.

Kv: Probably not this year. Unless my visa application fails of course. If so, will probably be back in Sept.

Mel: JIAYOUUU!! Can't wait till it's all over!!!

pauleen said...

don worry grassy!!u can do it..hehe...u know that's wat i always do too when i have too many things to catch up with..hehee...

elainelopez said...

dont go to party and gym so much then for sure can finish la .. if not .. hahahahah ... have fun doing it lo...
i just finish my exam . now relaxing before the new sem begin

scoob said...

Thanks for all the support and encouragement guys! It's finally over! This is my worst procrastination case ever! :S No moree! The stress is just too much! Lol.

Pz, I haven't partied since like, mid Feb? And only gym 2-3 times a week. It's the lazineous virus. I swear! Haha..