Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunshine at last!

Like the title says, sunshine at last! And in more ways than one.

After so many months of fruitless labour, on Friday the 13th, a supposedly unlucky day, DNA bands showed up on my gel! Words cannot describe how happy I was. I started off this project in November, a month later compared to my other classmates due to some communication problems between my supervisor-to-be and my course co-ordinator and it's been quite a rocky road since. So far, the DNA extraction method has been changed 4 times, primers switched once, the number and type of strains of the microbe I'm working with as well as the concentrations of primers/MgCl2/DNA adjusted and tested countless times, and about 4 different PCR run times tried out. Over time, my project has evolved to include more methods of obtaining data. For example, using the colourful differential culture medium that are so unique and fascinating that they induce production of endorphins :) Ok, that sounded quite 'sua pa'... But don't mind me, colourful things tend to attract my attention.

While a part of me groans ''Oh no, more work!'', another part is extremely glad to be given the opportunity to try new things. And surprisingly, I find myself wanting to do well. Most of you know that I never did like Biotech and that I'm not the least bit bothered about acheiving anything. That I just want to do reasonably okay, get a job, earn some capital and set off on my quest to do English instead. I never had the passion for science. No wait, scratch that. I did when I was in high school, but that disappeared. Especially after I took up a job in a laboratory. It was then that I decided that the life of a scientist wasn't for me.

But somehow, somewhere amongst my tangle of interests and suppressed desires (sounds damn wrong lol), perhaps lies a scientist raring to go? I don't know. I just don't know anymore. Guess the best bet is to sink back to my usual take-it-as-it-comes routine. Seems to have worked fine so far. After all, no plans = no pressure. The only downside is that no plans = no motivation too! And no motivation = laziness = likely failure. And being a failure is not something I'm inclined to be!

Hmm, that didn't sound very sunshiney did it? Sorry, got carried away. Anyway, it's been rather sunny up here for the past week! Sure, it's still cold and the winds could probably blow me away if I attempted to open an umbrella but heck, at least there's sunshine! On mornings when I wake up earlier than usual, after drawing the curtains, I'd just stand there, soaking up the sight of the sun rays reflecting off the windows, the clear blue sky, and breathing in the cool crisp air. I love how it just brightens up my day, how it makes me feel happier, more energetic, more full of life! And oh, the dogg is no longer treading on thin ice! Cause the sun melted it all away!! Lol. Ok, enough crap. It's way late so i'm off to bed. Nights all! And selamat pagi South East Asians! ;)


Anonymous said...

Don't b so happy yet, from my experience, sometimes the second run on the gel the bands will miraculously disappeared, hehe

From F.Y.W go guess, i lazy to register

scoobz said...

Ever the pessimist aren't you? -_- Second run went fine, so did the third. Running the fourth tmr and it's gonna be fine too. Definitely!