Friday, September 25, 2009

Summer Updates

Hi all! Disappeared for quite a bit huh? First off, I'm back in Msia!! :) Have been in KL for the past few days and will be heading back to the beloved island on the 28th. Thanks WK and XM for having me! :)

Prior to this I had travelled a bit to a couple of places in south England. Cornwall, Winchester, Cheddar, Burley and Canterbury to name a few. For those who know me personally, pictures are on facebook! For the rest of you, here are a few for your viewing pleasure!

Falmouth, Cornwall

Seafood at Truro, Cornwall

St.Ives, Cornwall after the rain

Yummy scones!

Land's End, Cornwall

Cathedral in Winchester


It's a regret of mine to have not toured certain parts of Europe before coming back. The land of legalized weed, Amsterdam, especially. Places like Barcelona, Brussels, Greece, Malta and Turkey that were also on top of my to-go list were also given the miss. Oh well, I'm glad to have at least visited Berlin. Deffo one of best cities ever! I'd go back anyday! :)

Till next time! AdiĆ³s!


elainelopez said...

cologne too ..... and hamburg .....must come back

scoob said...

Yes yes. Hopefully next year!!!!

Khai Ven said...

the scones and all the other food look so good!

scoob said...

Haha yeah! They really were good. Hmm.. Pz and I are coming to KL soon! Meet up? :D