Friday, April 24, 2009

Doggone it

1st edit, 30th April
2nd edit, 8th May
3rd edit, 15th May
4th edit, 30th May

29th April or 1st May: Pushed forward to next week
Poster presentation on my final year project.
(Also means that the report has to be more or less finished by then)

30th April:
Due date for the Industrial Microbiology assignment and the Molecular Biology II critical paper review.

11th May:

Final year exam starts. 1st paper

7th May: Pushed forward to 14th May
Due date for my final year project report.

15th May: Pushed forward to 29th May
Due date for Bioinformatics assignment (This was released to us just yesterday! Imagine that! -cries-)

20th May:
2nd exam paper

27th May:
3rd paper

4th June:
4th paper (also known as the killer paper)

So, tell me. Am I dead or am I DEAD?? :(

Gonna disappear for a bit. Will be back after everything's over. If I survive of course. *Sigh* Someone just kill me?


Khai Ven said...

u can do it, grassy..
u just need to put in more effort and cut down on your 'fun-ing'..haha

scoobz said...

Thanks kkv :)

I haven't "fun-ed" in months btw! I'm not that much of a kaki "fun"! Lol.

winnie said...

how la tell me how?! *dies*

scoobz said...

Must.keep.prodding.on! I hates laa! :( Stress till can die!