Saturday, May 10, 2008

Rasuto Furenzo aka. Last Friends

After watching the opening theme on Blammer's blog, I decided to watch this new j-dorama called Rasuto Furenzu or Last Friends which is currently airing in Japan. Even at episode 2, this drama left me on the edge, wanting to kill -yes, seriously kill- a certain character, feeling and emphasizing with the pain of another, and wanting to knock some sense into a few others. And now at episode 4, I'm hooked.

Domestic violence (DV), emotional blackmail, unrequited shoujo-ai, a spineless young man who still loves his wife despite her cheating on him in his own home, a mysterious past which scarred a man enough to make him afraid of sex... These are just some of the issues addressed in this wonderfully made drama. You can literally feel each character's internal struggle over the secrets they are hiding.

Ah, the beauty of angsty dramas...

Share-house group picture

Ruka meets Michiru
(Tribute to Haruka/Michiru from Sailormoon?)

One can only wonder how this is gonna end up.. A tragedy perhaps, judging from the opening of the show where a pregnant Michiru wonders if the death (hopefully Sousuke's) could be avoided if she had the ability to understand people's hearts- and I'm guessing, Ruka's heart in particular. Or perhaps they'll throw in an ambiguously happy ending where Ruka and Michiru finally meet again (KnM anyone?). All I can say is that at the moment I(and other viewers alike) would gladly follow the journey of this heartwrenching drama to the end... Watch it here! ^_______^

ps. And the death had better not be Takeru's! Or Eri's for that matter!


StuckS said...

is it a comedy romance drama..

scoobz said...

Definitely not a comedy lol.. Its official genre is friendship and human drama. I beg to differ tho'.. With so many issues, I'd label it angst! XD