Friday, May 02, 2008

Cindy, our true M'sian Dreamgirl?

Who here isn't satisfied with the Malaysian Dream Girls result? Pretty much everyone I guess judging from my friends and the blogging community's response. Check out Innit for example, or the group on Facebook. I personally think Cindy doesn't deserve it as well. I mean just look at her pictures! Most of them can't even be compared to the other contestants!

Then again, with such a "supportive" dad, anyone could win MDG *rolls eyes* If it wasn't for all his votes, she would have probably been kicked out earlier on in the show. Prove for this? Well, check out this blog... This blogger was sharp enough to notice a few things in the list of voter winners and needless to say, a certain someone bearing the name Tey was in the top voter list every single week!

So, does Cindy deserve this win? You be the judge....

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