Thursday, January 10, 2008

The L word Season 5 ^_^! Season 5 of The L Word is out!! Finally, after all those months of waiting... I just can't wait to get my hands on it ^____^ It's seriously one of the best series around.

The show revolves around the lives of a clique of lesbian friends. First off, there's Shane the playgirl who fell in love, got heart broken, fell in love again, decided to get married but on that fateful day, left her absolutely hot DJ bride, Carmen, at the altar. Then there's Bette and Tina the separated couple on the verge of getting back together again, Jenny the super hilarious crazy bitch with a sad childhood, and Alice the quirky host of The Charts. My personal favourites are Jenny and Alice :D Alice, for her humor and sarcasm and Jenny, well, for her crazy dark side. Seriously dude, she does the most ridiculous things ever! In Season 4, she adopted Saunders, a really really sick dog on the verge of dying. And no, she didn't do it to ease the dog's suffering. It was all for revenge on Stacy Merkin (or rather known as Vagina. Lol...) who wrote unpleasant stuff bout Jenny's book.
So yeah... I'm signing off now to go read the screencaps and reviews.

P.s. I've just got some good news from my parents :D Will probably blog bout it tomorrow..

p.s.s. I want Bette to end up with Jodi!!! And for Carmen to come back!


melllzzz said...

Scooby!!!!!!!! long time no comment...aah i love your good news!! ehehhe must tell the world!

scoobz said...

Hahaha... I didn't tell many people yet actually ;)
Wait, don't you have exams?? Go study pronto!! ;p