Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hospitalized :'(

I know I haven’t been updating lately but life hasn’t been treating me too well. Been sick for the past 2 weeks. Started off with diarrhoea which led to wind which made me unable to eat n’ throw up. So off I went to see a doctor. but I didn’t get better… worse in fact… I had an exam comin up on the next monday so in desperation, I went to a different doctor who did a blood test n’ gave me different medication but still no improvement. My stomach still hurt, I was still unable to eat, still throwing up. I didn’t make the exam that Monday... my aunt took me back to the doctor n’ after a few tests n’ questions said that I had to be admitted into the hospital. OMG!! I was so damn scared k! Turns out they’d been treating the wrong stuff all this time n’ now it was serious!! The gastric juices had nothing to digest n everytime I threw up, it’d move up n inflame my gastronomical tract (my esophagus being the 1st), causing more nausea n stomach ache= more throwing up and repetition of the whole process. And so the reflux action goes on n’ on. The only way to stop it was to stop eating. Which was impossible. Unless I was on drip. Which meant stayin’ in the hospital. Damn. So they poked the needles n’ tubes in, took whatever blood they needed, let the glucose/saline solution drip in, etc etc… i was too dead to care.
And when I started feelin better, d’ loneliness set in… all the other patients had lotsa visitors while I had none. Sigh… my 1st time in the hospital just had to be in kl… all alone away frm home… thank god for my aunt who at least came to bring me stuff. Tho’ she doesn’t stay around, I understand that she’s busy n’ it’s difficult to come visit since she can’t drive. Couldn’t sleep that nite… hospital was freakin cold k… couldn’t stop shivering. I made up my mind then- I didn’t care if I was better, I wanted out. So I struggled with the nausea, ignored d’ pain, lied to the doc that I was ‘much better’ n’ he believed me. Was finally discharged at 4sumthin d’ next day. But b4 that, another pain enduring session-the removal of the tube connected to my hand. They assigned a trainee to it! Omg… d whole process hurt so much k… n’ the worst part was having to listen to her supervisor go “no, no.. you’re not supposed to do this. Do that. No stop, press here…” n so on.. Arghh!! Damn painful k.. n’ to my horror, there was blood everywhere!! Dripping down my hand to my feet n’ the floor… couldn’t move my hand properly for the rest of the day. The bruise is still visible even now k... Was back in pg for a few days to recuperate… feelin much better tho’ still a bit nauseated at times. Thanks grace for visiting me :) I missed u k :)

Btw, a shoutout to vishali
Im so sorry I couldn’t go find u b4 u left for India..

Take care k!! gonna miss u n’ ur sacarsm ;)

Anyway, now that im back, gotta worry bout my chem, physio, calculus n’ java mid-term all within this week. Plus a lot of labs n’ work to catch up on… Damn.

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